Friday, August 28, 2009

Parts on order

"dig'n for gold"

There comes a time in every mans life that "ya gotta do something different". I say that 'cause "this" ain't work'n. Not the way I had envisioned it anyhows. (I think envisioned means a bad dream). Or something like that.

So...today old Billy Bob gonna do something different. Think I'll go play a round of golf.

Lord have some mercy on this old fart. Here it is Friday again. I done feel like I been work'n in a tortilla factory all week.

Up again this beautiful Friday morning to a nice cool breeze and still dark as hell. By the time the sun come up, I were all dressed in my Sunday "go to golfing" best. Old raggidy jeans, pull over shirt and sandels. Struck me up a decent 86. Was putt'n like a fool.

Finally fount me a web site that had all the parts I needed to finish my solar installation. Set me back a little over $300, but what the hell, it's only money. Hope to have it up and run'n by next week end. Oh, did I mention that the solar panels are backwards....more hard back break'n work for old Billy Bob.

Look'n like a nap is com'n on......after I go sit on "da porch" for a spell.

Well Howdy doo....so much for a nap. Too many things roll'n round in my head. Like, "are ya gonna be ready to pull out of Deming by the end of Sept"? Sure am want'n to take me another Texas trip before I go to "da slabs" in southern Ca. for the winter. May have to give up some of my golf games to get something finished that was started a while back. "what are you think'n Billy Bob...give up golf"? Well...so much for that idea.

Still search'n for a good deal on my awning. Narrowed the search down to about 6 different sites. Came this close >< to mak'n an order till I found out they was A-hose. Fount that out by "research".

Ok, I'm done, cooked, out of here.......

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  1. You just do that and enjoy your sittin'. Sorry about the problems though. How did your golfing go?
    Nothing much here, cloudy & in the 90's...so much for California Dreamin'.