Thursday, August 20, 2009

solar day

Old Billy Bob treated his self to an extra hour on da pillow this morning. Didn't roll out of bed till 6:35.25am. Then, to play a trick on old pesky neighbor Wayne, I didn't turn the lights on. Then I covered that little window he looks in to see my head bob'n round at the computer station. It worked. He didn't come over till 7:30. Thank God for light switches and mini blinds.

Went out on the porch with a full jug of coffee and looked at them solar panels. How I gonna get them on the roof. Then a bolt of lightn'n hit me...a brilliant idea. Put the awning out, what comes all the way to the porch, put a rope on the panels, lay the panel flat on the awning, climb that ladder on the back and pull that panel slap up on the roof. So freak'n simple even I can do it.
Pics later, but first I gotta go to town and buy some lag bolts I forgot yesterday and pick up my meds from Walmart.

Back at "da house" with all my nuts and bolts in tact. Even picked up my meds what I been out of for three days. Maybe that's why I get so grumpy over them coffee filters.

Right about the time it hit 95 degs, I put the awning out, strung out my rope, set the first solar panel on the awning, loaded it up with a few tools and hoisted it to the roof.

Then did the same with #2......

both on "da roof" look'n for sunshine.

Now I gotta take a break from climb'n the ladder.

LOL....old pesky Wayne is something else. He come over for the fifth time this afternoon when it were 99.6 degs outside and says...."ya gonna sit in the house all day"??? So's I brewed up a pot of coffee and we went out and sat on the porch.

While sit'n on "da porch", here come a nice east breeze and clouds covering the sunshine. I jumps up and headed for the roof to mount one side of the solar panels. Got the hinge mounts mounted on the panels, but by now, the sun was shin'n and no more breeze. Didn't take me long to climb down that ladder and drink me up a big slug of ice cold water. Boy howdy....it's hot out there.


  1. Don't forget to get the clear silicon to put on the threads of the lag bolts and on the roof where you run the bolts in!!! Can't wait to see the install, DO NOT strain your Back!!!

  2. Hey billybob
    First time seeing you blog today. Very impressive! Great info and travels. Deming is a beautiful area. I hope to be in your shoes some day.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog Billy Bob. Way to use the noggin on thinkin up a slick way to get your panels on top. I'll be looking to see what you power with the pannels. I am thinking of trying some solar in my house as well. Oh and, nice tip on covering the bananna bread with a black pan...makes all the sense in the world and, oh my, that bananna bread sure looked good. Wow, I bet it tasted even better.
    Cheers from San Antonio!

  4. BB,, I am NOT ignoring your email, something wrong and I am having problem replying, it keeps crashing. I will get the rely to you ASAP

  5. Congratulations Billy Bob on a safe and effective way of getting your solar panels up on the roof.

  6. You got it going on!!!