Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Solar mount construction

Gonna have to see if I can remember what I did today.

*Billy Bob and Vickie Lynn* Jan. 2002 at Grand Canyon

a. Got up
b. Drank coffee
c. Played golf
d. Ate breakfast
e. Laid down
f. Went to sleep
g. Computer research
h. Went to town
i. Came back to "da house"
j. built solar panel mounts
k. Ate supper

That don't sound exciting at all. Left a lot out between the lines.
First off, I was up before the alarm went off at 5:30. Had another round with those damn coffee filters what wouldn't come apart. There's got to be a better way. Anyhows, coffee was super "bad" this morning. Found me a new way to get "that other eye" open. Strong coffee.

Off to the golf course by 7am..... of which I should have stayed home. No one can hit a golf ball that bad. Back at "da house" by 10am hungrier than a flea bit dog what ain't got no home.
Made me up a great big bowl of Frosted Mine Wheats what filled that empty void in my belly. Brewed up another pot of coffee and sit on the porch for spell. Then I got sleepy eye, so's off to the couch for a quick snooze.....1 hour.

Off to the bowels of the internet look'n for my charge controller. I know what I'm gonna get, just have to get the prices straight. Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000e. This is top of the line new technology (MPPT). It will have enough capacity to add one more 130 watt panel and not blow up, catch'n "da house" on fire and scar'n Lug Nut, Sadie Mae and old Billy Bob out of their wits.

After the temp cooled down to 96 degs., I started cut'n aluminum angle what I picked up in town. Cut me 8 pieces 4" long for the solar panel mounts. Then I started drill'n holes in the wrong place....but no one gonna see the extra holes from the ground. Put me 4 hinges in the "new" holes and ...walla...we got half the mounts built. Yeah, they gonna be adjustable...that what the hinges are for. Now all I gotta do is get them heavy solar panels on da roof, drill me some holes in my leak free roof and put it all together. Boy howdy, can hardly wait.


  1. Sounds like almost a perfect day,, About those coffee filters, you do flex them good and then blow on the edge? Works like a champ for me and Yes,, I buy good ole cheapOs.. WOS,, What's On Sale.

    and doggone every time I see a different picture of you, the more familiar you look.

  2. Dang it,, couldn't edit the last reply so here's some more ideas.

    * Touch a small piece of rolled-up masking tape (sticky side up) to the outside of the bottom filter. The base filter will separate from the stack of filters.
    * Wet the tip of your finger with tap water to aid in pulling out the top filter.
    * Purchase a special coffee measuring spoon which has a rubber tip on the small end of the spoon. Flicking the top filter with the rubber tip pops it out neatly.
    * Gently blow air across the top edge to separate the filters.
    Store coffee filters in a dry, non-humid part of the house, away from dust.
    Alternatively, you could just turn one of the small stacks inside out, and they will separate themselves!

  3. Sounds like the king of doing nuttin did a lot today!!!

    With the solar panel mounting you will be busy for a while. Interested in seeing how you are going to get them up on the roof.

  4. LOL Ben, old Billy Bob ain't gonna be purchasing nuttin. Either them filters come out one at a time or they gonna get a good beat'n.
    But, here's what I do. I fill the coffee maker with nice fresh water, right up to that little mark. Then I open the filter compartment and grab that yesterday filter anf grounds, mak'n sure my fingers get good and wet. Then I reach up in the cabinet and with that wet finger, grad a filter. Some times they don't cooperate and Old Billy Bob get all strung out on foul talk'n. Coffee filters hiss me off!!!

  5. filter packs are expensive but its coffee and a filter all in one. no bothering with filters and easy cleanup. I like em when I stay at a hotel.