Thursday, August 27, 2009

jalepeno beer bread

"Camp'n at Stephen F. Austin State Park
with daughter, SOL, grandkids and "Oscar" da weinner dog"

Weren't no problem get'n up this morning....had a leg cramp ya wouldn't believe and had to pee so bad I thought I would wet my drawers fore I got that leg cramp out. Can I say that here???

For some reason, me and old pesky Wayne headed off to the golf course before 7am. It were a bit chilly out (63 deg) so's I wore my windbreaker. Had a wonderful time till Wayne added up the score on the front nine. He cheats....I tell ya...he cheats. Had an excellent game of 87 (according to Wayne). For those that "no nuttin bout golf", that's 15 over par....what is great for us old farts.

Speak'n of old farts.....old farts are over 65 act'n like they was 50 again. Under 65 is wanna be old farts act'n like they was 70. 50 and under are just young whippersnappers with an old farts attitude. Hey, I know. I been all them at one time or nuther.

By 10am the solar oven was up to 200 degs and wait'n for something to cook. I throwed me some flour and stuff in a bowl, added some seasoning and a big hand full of chopped up jalepenos. Mixed it all up, poured in a can of cheap beer, mixed it up again and put it in a bread pan.

Walla....we bak'n "jalepeno beer bread".
Bout an hour to go.....

Update.....the solar oven pilot light blew out and lost temp. Had to put the bread in the "other" over for 30 minutes. Came out very nice....no pics, 'cause me and old pesky Wayne done ate it up. Well.......there's still one little hunk left for tomorrow. Sure was good with a plate of pintos with jalepenos and sliced onion. Look out tomorrow morning!!!!

Update.....for those still wondering.....I have my search narrowed down to two sites for my charge controller and related parts. As far as the awning, I'm doing the same as I am with the solar charge controller......look'n for cheap.


  1. So? Howd the jalapeno bread thing turn out? If you ate as much of it as you usually eat of your baking, you might be well advised to stick close to camp tomorrow for when the peppers kick in,( or out as the case may be. :-)

  2. Ok Billy Bob what's going on with the 2 solar panels you left up on the roof. and did you ever replace the awning that got blown off

  3. LOL Ben, the solar bread didn't turn out as I expected. The wind blew the pilot light out and I lost temp. So I put it in the "other" oven for 30 mins and it worked out good.

    Riverhauler....here's da deal. I'm still look'n at sites for my charge controller...lowest price ya know. And the awning...same as above.

  4. Hey Billy bob, try these places. www.topsalesdepot.com
    good prices best Ive found dont know about the products though

    Also Ive dealt with www.mikeswindmillshop.com in Arizona