Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"da Lug Nut"

There ain't no sense trying to sleep later than 6am with these dag nab dogs.
Seems Lug Nut is ready to play right bout the time I am in my deepest slumber. Then when I finally get up, he's back in bed. Go figure.

Last time I was in San A, was back in April....just pass'n through on the way to Port A. from Fredericksburg. Then again in about June....just pass'n through on my way to Terlingua from Houston. Wanted to stop both times to play a round at one of my fav. golf courses, Riverside....on the south side where everyone locks everything up or....poof....it's gone....just like that.

Speak'n of south side. Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I owned a house on the southside of San Antonio what was loaded with junk my dad had collected over the years. Parked my other motorhome "Alice" in the drive. Since pop had died a year earlier, the house was empty most times. Me and "second mate" Dee Dee took a trip to Kansas City for a couple weeks and when we come back, My God....they done broke in an took stuff. So....the next trip we went to Port Aransas for a week (12 days), left some lights on in the house, accidentally left the garage door open and when we got back, nothing was missing, no broke windows, no fires, someone mowed the lawn, dishes was washed and trash was took out.....hmmmmm, did someone move in? Next trip, I was "cleaned out" again...even the brand new wash machine and kitchen sink was gone. Sold that sucker fast as I could.

Would you believe it's winter in Deming? Well maybe not winter, but it was downright cold outside this morning...56 degs at "da house". Gonna wear me some shoes this trip to the golf course. Got my little windbreaker on and rar'n to go. But it's still too early for old pesky neighbor Wayne.
Speak'n on Wayne, he sure has been nice for the last few days. Keep'n his distance since I caught him cheat'n on the score cards. Old folks are weird.

Boy howdy, what did I do now?? Here I was surf'n for a new awning for "da house" and up popped one them little boxes what says, you got a virus....click here. Yeah right, like I'm gonna click here. Turned the power off real quick like and then back on. Done it before a few times. Then it took 15 minutes for the computer to finish booting up. Dag nab punk kids!!!

Spent most of the afternoon check'n out the batteries on the golf cart. Another one had to be replaced...shorted cell. The other new battery we put in a few days ago may be "dead on arrival". Sucker won't take a charge. Don't tell anyone, but old pesky Wayne hooked it up wrong in the first place. Not backwards, just wrong. He ain't no professional golf cart fixer kinda guy.

That's about all the excitement I can muster up for now. Dinner is a cook'n.


  1. Wow, didn't know you had ties with San Antonio, let me know when you're cruising through next time and we'll meet for some chips, salsa, and a cold one. Been watching the Little League World Series, San Antonio is in it this year, the team is currently 2-0 and playing NY now and leading them 4 runs to 1 in the 6th. Billy Bob, I wanna know watcha going to do with those solar pannels!

  2. What I gonna do with them solar panels.....wellllll... I rekon as soon as I order a controller and sum wire, I'll charge my batteries an go boondock'n.

  3. Ctrl & ALT and keep em held down and then push delete.

    your task manager will come up and you can end that popup virus program. or better yet down load the free AVAST home version virus protector. Ive been using it for a few years now. its the best free anti virus program out.

  4. I am sorry bout your virus thingie, but in my humble opinion, a free virus protection program like Off Grid mentioned is worth just what you pay for it!! Nothing!! I have been using Trend Micro for several years now. Works great and I have never gotten a virus or bug, It checks for updates daily and preforms up dates in the back ground.

    Remember you get what you pay for.

  5. In Del Rio we get our local news from the San Antonio area ( DR has no local tv stations) and something is always happening in the south side. Bet you were glad to get rid of that property.

    Don't know much if anything about golf so I cant figure out how Wayne cheated...

  6. First Ben....I have Trend also. The thingy that popped up wasn't a virus, as virus's are unseen. It was one them thingys that install a program if'n ya push that button. Happened before and had to restore my system back to an earlier date.

    MsB....you bet yer cookies I was glad to get rid of that house. It cost me bunches to do some remodeling and it cost twice that much in losses due to break ins.
    Wayne is the official scorekeeper....how else do you suppose he would cheat...LOL.