Sunday, August 23, 2009

end or beginning

Well, here it is the end of another day...Sunday. Is that the end of a week or the start of a week? I think Sunday should be the "last" day of the week 'cause tomorrow is Monday. Think about it!!! It makes sense. A week should only be 5 days long. Then take a couple days off and start another week. Yep!!! Makes sense to me.

Now....what did old Billy Bob do today?
Got up at 5:30am, just like clock work....alarm was set to wake me from a sound sleep. Ok, you guessed it, another golf day....and a good'en too. Struck me up a birdie and 7 pars for a 86. Oh yeah, the golf cart bout died on the back nine. Poor baby needs another brand spank'n new battery.

Me and old pesky Wayne had a long talk today bout his cheat'n on da score care.

Made me up a couple fat taquitos this morning and went out on the cool porch to eat 'em up. Little Sadie Mae was sit'n there look'n for a handout when that light bulb went off. Sadie needs a haircut, what she don't like one bit.

Now Sadie has a problem come haircut time. She lays on her back and that's where she needs cut. Broke out the clippers and gently laid Sadie down...plop, she was on her back. Ok, cut the bottom and the sides. That's where I quit. Only temporarily ya know. Eat'm up time and a nap. But the nap was not to happen today.

After golf (on tv) was over, put me another pot od coffee on and went to the porch to punish myself and poor little Sadie. Finally got the top cut by putting her in my lap. Hair everywhere....mostly on me.
But I'm not done yet. Neck and head is scheduled for 10am tomorrow morning by appointment only.

Watched one them rain clouds way down there in Mexico com'n this way. Only took it 2 hours to get here and get here it did. Rained like nobody's business...and it still go'n on. Boy howdy, is my weeds gonna grow or what?

Ya never gonna guess what I foun't up there in the cabinet. You guys are good.!!! Yep, it were a loaf of old moldy bread I cooked in that solar oven bout a week or so ago.

Well crap, I'm out of here.


  1. Now I'm no expert, but seems a Sunday of golf and dog hair cutt'n is about as status quo as it gets. ;) (Like I'm going to take welding advice from a guy named BillyBob)....anyway....you are the king of enjoying life so keep it up!! and come back to visit soon!

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  3. Well, BB if you 'member your bible studies, Sunday is the last day of the week. Some line about when God created the World, on the 7th day he rested And we "supposed" to remember that day and keep it Holy. So, Sunday is the LAST day of the week.

    And I am sure Sadie is cooler, just don't let her sun burn. Our ole Farm dog we did that too one summer and she sure burned.