Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Oh, computer problems

Oh Oh, when I went to log on to blogger, I got a rude awakening. I was banned for sending some kind of stuff to Google. ME??? Malware or some crap. If I knew how to do that, I would be smart enough to fix my blog format the way I want it.

Anyhows, I started vestigat'n (investigating) what could be the problem. Ah Ha, would ya lookie here, Windows done went and upgraded without my permission. Hmmmm....ya don't think??? And...one of the upgrades was a "malware" upgrade. Well....that's what it were. Restored my system back to before the installation and ...walla...it fixed.

Ok....now that that crap is out of the way.....I got up this morning, yep, you guessed it, before 6am. Sit here drink'n coffee, read'n all the comments and tak'n a look at all the blogs I follow. Went out on the porch just as the sun was com'n up and said..."this gonna be a good day". Let the dogs out for their morning run just bout the time old pesky neighbor Wayne show'ed up. No, I don't have that pic of him yet, but it's on the way.

Just for the hell of it, I done up what few dishes what was lay'n in the sink. Sorted out all my dirty clothes for wash day...oh yeah, I found them two new pair of jeans I was look'n for. If you're wondering why I was look'n for those new jeans.....

......here's why.
Last pair in the jeans drawer.

Made me up a grocery list and headed off to town. $4.75 later and my laundry was done and folded. Then off to Walmart.....what the hell are they do'n to my store??? They done moved everything, put up a house, with no roof, for the pharmacy...temporary I hope. But the pharmacy was my first stop and as usual, my prescriptions are a mess. Note: When ya travel all round the country, they transfer your data to where ever you pick up your drugs. Anyhows, they got some work to do so's I can get my much needed meds and stay alive.

Got all my groceries and headed for "da house", that's "Sally" ya know. Speak'n of Sally, why did I name a perfectly good motor home Sally? Since I been call'n it "da house" for a while now, I think I'll just rename it "da house". What ya think?

Boy howdy is it ever hot out there. They says 97 degs, but I'm think'n more like 98 or 99. To hot to sit on the porch, got both a/c's run'n full bore and I'm still hot. Old pesky neighbor Wayne says I'm go'n through menopause and hav'n hot flashes. I don't believe that crap....I'm just get'n older.

Ok, y'all asked for it and here it is, Old Pesky Wayne in all his glory.
Returning from a trip around the walk'n path with my two trusty dogs, Lug Nut and Sadie Mae.


  1. Sounds like some of my days,, I Thought that big ole picture up top was ole Pesky Wayne!!! :-) and I had jeans like that,but I washed them one time and all that was left was the metal zipper.

  2. Billy BOB, Didnt even realize you had a blog. And its a Goodn too! give me some time to read up on it.

  3. Oh and I almost forgot, I read that your from demming? I bought a small lot out there a few years ago and found out you cant put a structure on it unless you own like 2 or 5 acres I forgot what it was. but I liked the little town. I drove out to the RV park in the middle of no where and then off to this real cool little road house restruant and bar with the best ruben sandwiches. the guy had lots of dogs out side it. and kinda museum inside. nice place. I think it wasnt too far from the dairy farm. I stayed the night at the wagon wheel or western something hotel Anyway I let the land go back cause I like terlingua better.

  4. Hey off Grid T,, you said "middle of no where and then off to this real cool little road house restaurant and bar with the best ruben sandwiches." That wasn't The Middle of No Where bar and Grill was it? was there back in the 80s,, kick butt sandwiches.

    19160 Hatch Hwy NE
    Deming, NM

  5. Sounds right, but not sure. it was at the base of a mountain and looks like it used to be an old school at one time.

  6. Moe and Ben, It's called Adobe Deli, a few miles east out Hwy 549 at the bottom of the Little Floritas mountains. Now, let me tell ya bout the prices
    It's the atmosphere that attracts so many tourists...locals can't afford the $8 for a freak'n hamburger.

  7. ok, BB, thanks for straightening that out.. The place I was thinking of is

    Middle of Nowhere Bar and Grill
    19160 Hatch Hwy NE, Deming, NM‎

    All of us balloonist would go to a rally in Deming From ABQ area and on the way down the "rule" Was that the first one to the bar had to stop there and wait till the next crew showed up. :-) Of course much beer drinking and eating was involved in the wait.

  8. Yes , that was it adobe del and it was pricey but GOOOOOD.

    I think the Rv park was reasonable they had a few people full time there. I talked to a guy who had a motorcyle next to the fence, nice guy. might have been you billy.

  9. I have always wondered why you named your RV "Sally" and why you choose the names you did for your vehicles but was too embarrassed to ask.

    Wayne has real pretty blue eyes.