Friday, August 14, 2009

long day....short post

I ain't gonna git up at no stink'n 5:15am no more. All it does is mess up a good night sleep and there is nothing you can do that early. So, tomorrow this old fart is gonna sleep in.

Rained again last night and the first thing my old pesky neighbor asked this morning was..."ya think it's gonna rain"??? I looked up in the morning sky, what had no clouds to speak of and said, "probably". So we went and played a round of golf on a super wet course. Then they turned the sprinklers on....like it needed watering.

Got back to "da house" at 10, hungry as a bear and cooked me up a great big fat taquito. A hand full of Jimmy Dean Skillets and a couple eggs scrambled in with it. Put it in a big tortilla and doused it with some red salsa. Sit out on the porch for a while swak'n flies and drink'n coffee. Then I got "old sleepy eye" and took me a nap. Then bout 1pm I ate me up three pieces that apple pie and got sick. Then I laid down and suffered myself into another long nap.

Bout 6pm, I decided I better eat again....after I took me some alka seltzers. Holy Cow, seems like all I have time for is eat'n.

That's it!!!


  1. You are very fortunate to have rain, we havent since it in weeks.

    I am not a betting woman but I am willing to bet that you wont sleep in tomorrow...oh yeah I forgot you think 7:00 am is sleeping in, lol.

    Just joking BB...

  2. LOL MsB, you are learning. I HAD to get up at 6:30. It's an old Indian trick. Since Indians couldn't afford an alarm clock and most didn't have electricity, they would drink a gallon of water before going to bed. By "early" morning that gallon of water was mak'n "gotta go" pains. Walla, they was up, showered, dressed and off to work before the sun come up.

    This is the monsoon season....lots of rain.