Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scam Package

Well, shoot. I done missed mak'n my post yesterday, but I had me a good excuse. At least I consider it a good excuse. It seems old Billy Bob is get'n scammed, spammed or just plain "stolen identity". Got a couple emails that I won a bid on ebay and another from PayPal for $510 what I didn't do nuttin to receive these emails.
First thing I did was to "attempt" to fire off an email to PayPay.....lol...right. Second thing I did was to remove my credit card from my PayPal account. That should stop any attempt for them to pay for something I didn't order. Then I went to my Ebay account to cancel....lol....right. I guess it would be like canceling Obamacare....can't be done.
Yeah, I were all upset, hollered at the dogs to "git off me", told old pesky neighbor Wayne to go home, and missed my supper. Then went to bed and tossed and turned all night long. Old folks don't take too well with this kind of stuff.

OK...almost golf time.
Will be back with a new post after while or later tonight.


  1. BB, I really am sorry the Ebay and PayPal crap caught you. That is Exactly what happen to me and that is exactly why I don't use either one any more. They are not real secure and are prone to hackers getting anyone's information.

    Hope you get it straighten out today so you can go whack some golf's balls.

  2. Ben, I did find out the the "user name" was different from mine. But the email came to me. Since I removed my credit card, I don't think I will be debited on my card account. Next thing, I'll have my card changed with new numbers. Change passwords and hope for the best.
    By the way, I wasn't charged on my credit card...seems the seller....who ever that may be, wasn't registered to receive funds from Pay Pal.

  3. That is scary...and here I thought Pay Pal was secure.