Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday...again??? Crashed awning

Holy cows, where did this week go? Jist yesterday it was Saturday. The way I read my retirement contract, every day is Saturday and ya don't have to work to earn a living.
Now what I gonna do???

Up way to early again today, but had a reason to do so....play golf. What I should have stayed in bed till 8am. First off, "that other eye" was still half closed, I forgot my coffee in the rush to get to the golf course before 7am. Then after hit'n a perfect drive on the first hole, I dug a divit (deep hole) behind the ball on my second shot what sent it off into the deep grass still 50 yards from the green. It were all down hill from there. Many more rounds like that, I gonna find me a new hobby.

Holy cows, old pesky Wayne is driv'n me nuts. We spent the last 3 hours play'n golf together and here he comes ask'n dumb questions. I know, I'll just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.
Hehehehe, it worked.

Got to make another trip to town. Need a couple more lag bolts and some "coffin spikes".

Ya know what I gonna do for the rest of the day??? I'm gonna be "king of do'n nuttin". Too hot to get on "da roof" and too hot to sit out on "da porch". Although....there is a nice breeze out there...nope...what are ya think'n Billy Bob. But...I will have to help old pesky Wayne work on the golf cart.... he no's nothing bout fix'n no stink'n golf cart. (batteries not fully charging and I ain't gonna walk)

In the mean time...sandwich and a nice comfortable nap in "ax'n dixion"...72 degs...boy howdy.

Well....that nap didn't last long. All the Gods got together and said..."let's mess with that old Billy Bob". There knew dern well that I had my awning out for a good reason, so's they created this big ol' blow storm. The "procrastinating god" told them others that two years ago I was gonna replace that awning, so's they aimed that storm right at that awning. Poof!!! Awning gone bye bye....riped right down the middle and broke a couple mounts. Now what I gonna do???

Got skeered my solar panels would encounter some kind of disaster in the wind, so's I climbed up there to secure them by installing the other two mounts and put'n a bolt through them. Ha!!!
There was stuff blow'n off "da roof", drilled the wrong size holes, marker pen gone....no where to be found and I couldn't see for the blow'n sand. But....old Billy Bob done the job...come rain or shine.

I gots one more thing to say before I put this old worn out body to bed.
Welcome to all the new followers!!!
"that's all I have to say bout that"...GUMP


  1. Yeee Hawww.. you got the picture up..
    Then disregard my last email if you find you don't need what I sent.

  2. Poor Wayne, give him a break BB.

    It sounds like you had one of those "kind of days".

    But on the positive side nothing happened to your solar panels.

  3. wonders if waynes got a computer?

  4. Sure could use some of that rain here in San Antonio. Fifty some days now of 100+ this summer.