Friday, October 30, 2015

That weren't all that bad....but the prep was

I'm sure everbody is anxious....ha ha... to hear bout the outcome of yesterdays "hose pipe" episode.
Well yesterday weren't all that bad. Nuttin to it when your sound asleep. But by God, the day before sucked. Liquid diet day. My liquid diet consisted of mostly coffee. Drinked 2 pots before the dreaded 64 oz. Gatorade mixture start'n at 5pm. I hate Gatorade. I was fine for the first 4 cups of that stuff and then it hit me.....I wanna puke. I was sick for the rest of the day an' all night long. Belch'n up little Florida oranges. That what it taste like anyhows. Damn, I ain't never gonna do this again.

With my system completely cleaned out, I feel a lot better today. I eated me a egg at 2am...a slab of bread an' a few sips of coffe....'cause I was starv'n slap to death. Gonna brew me up a pot of chicken tater noodle soup here in a little bit. That should go down pretty good.

Anyhows.....nice doctor come in the room where I'm freez'n half to death an' she says..."Hi Mr. P, do you remember me"? Well yeah I remember you....you're that hot doctor from across the street. "Are you ready"? Yep, I'm ready...ya got a warm blanket? (it was cold outside an' they had the a/c run'n inside) No respect for us older folks!!

I'm wheeled into the water hose department. Nice lady injects some stuff in my already installed big ass needle an' says...."this is gonna be cold". Tells me to roll over on my side an' they stick this plastic thingy in my mouth. The nice lady says...."good night". That's the last thing I know. I was sound asleep.

All done an' back in the wake up room. Doc come in an' give me a report of what was found inside my poor old belly an' poop shoot. Damn!!! Good news, no ulcer. But....damn!!! I got stomach infection or something like that. Possible bacteria....won't know until lab results. A hiatus hernia....in my stomach, gastritis what ever the hell that is. Esophagitis...what ever the hell that is. A few other things I know nuttin bout. I'm gonna live.

All my recent attempts to work on the boat project ain't go'n so well. When I wanted to do some polyurethane work....it was rain'n. High humidity an' poly don't mix. So the boat is just sit'n over there on the trailer do'n nuttin.

I suppose I need to say something bout this cat. He's just a overgrowed kitten an' he has friends come to visit. That's the "in an' out the house ever 5 minutes" I was talk'n bout. Cat's play ya know. His litter box is in "da house" an' he refuses to use the outhouse outside. It's hard work for a cat to dig holes in red Georgia clay. Ha, he's sound asleep on my hobby table right now.

Nuttin wrong with Leonard other than he's a normal "cat attitude" "damn cat". He owns me....lock stock an' barrow. Damn cat!!!

Sure do wished I was in south Texas. It's get'n cold in Georgia. But that ain't gonna happen for a while. One my Walmart special electric heaters is bout to give up the ghost. Damn thermostat ain't work'n right. Somes time it don't shut off an' it get hot as hell in "da house" Other times it don't even come on an' it get cold in "da house". Time for a new heater. Also gonna have to get me a big propane tank before too long. With Mr Heater run'n, these small tanks ain't gonna last very long. Something like a gallon a day when it gets super cold. I don't look forward to that. $$$$$$$$$$ an' time to have refilled.  

Ok, got to give it up for the day. Soup is started. 



  1. Dang, glad you survived the tests. They can be worse than your ailments.

  2. hi BB. it is 82°f right now at 4pm . last friday and saturday in rain 15 inches . well this morning and later today and tomorrow we are having a repeat of last week ,an other 15 inches that we do not need . now i already told you that i do not like rain same as you . because i am not a farmer , at this point i don't even think the farmers are liking all this rain eather , so by happy mr P. you are not in texas at this time . i am so happy to know that you lived thru your procedure and even happier that you will continue living a lot longer .

  3. Thats good them tests went pretty. Good.
    You said it about Leonard, you don't own a cat "they own you" had quite a few years ago, no more pets anymore.
    Love our Mr Heater, got it hooked to the onboard propane in our coach, but we moving all the time and easy to get filled.

  4. Glad you got good news on the test, buddy. Nothing worse than waiting on test results, I reckon.

  5. "Sure do wished I was in south Texas. It's get'n cold in Georgia."

    Well, Billy Bob, I don't think you'd like this south Texas weather either. We're getting ready to do our morning walk and it is 80 degrees and mugggggy.

    Sounds like the drs are going to get you fixed up, good deal.


  6. Now you need definitions of all those -itis words and what to do about them? Sure hope they have doable suggestions to help you feel well again.

    1. Have to piggyback since I cannot post directly! Congratulations on getting all the testing done. Maybe progress can be made now.

  7. Glad to hear your tests went well...and that we have Billy Bob for a while!

    Will have to back up and find out how Leonard came into your life. I love cats, specially cats his color :)

  8. Great picture of Leonard.

  9. Billy Bob, are you okay? I hope so. You've been quiet for a full week now.

  10. hi BB. what are we to wonder about why you can not and are blogging anymore ? are you still kicking ? i sure would like to know if everything is okay with you ? wonderful son robert , i am pleading with you , that if there is something wrong with your dad , that you will let us know asap . ok robert ? thanks in advance .