Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Damn it's been cold outside....beautiful today

"Hey Billy Bob, don'tcha think it's bout time ya say something"?
Well, I rekon it is. What's it been, bout 4, 5 days? I'm think'n, if'n I had me some stuff to write bout, I would write more offen. But damn, I ain't been "do'n nuttin".

Health issues are still bout the same. Some of 'em anyhows. The old back an' hip ain't bother me too much....but I sure as hell know they there. Maybe Nov. 9th the good doctor will schedule me a radio frequency ablation on the SI he just shooted that stuff in.

Me an' "yo mama" head off to the surgery doctor an' git that cyst thingy cut off'n my shoulder (upper back). I weren't worry bout nuttin 'cause I had one removed way back in 1980....or 81. Weren't narry a thing to it. Anyhows, the doc start shoot pain killer stuff all round that thing. Don't even wait, he start slic'n my back wide open....bout a inch long. I says...."whoa....that hurts". He shoot me some more an' go to town. Dig a big ol' hole for the next 15-20 minutes. Puts that cist in a little gar an' say...."lookie here". Holy cows, that sucker is big. Bout the size of a thumb up to the first joint (1/2 x 3/4 inches). Then he do some more dig'n an' clip'n remov'n more stuff. I'm think'n..."damn, I'm gonna hurt like a sum-a-gun. Wrong!!! I feel very little discomfort, a dull pain, but nuttin like I was expect'n. No pain killers. No aspirin. No Advil. Infection is the biggest concern. Follow up in 2 weeks.

While I'm talk'n, I may as well mention how my stomach is do'n. It ain't do'n worth a shit. Now, in the Atlanta area, there is a stomach virus go'n round. You don't think do ya? Boy, wouldn't that be a kick if'n that's all I have an' all I need is some pills? 

Remember that red wagon I bought for "yo mama"? Well, I was ride'n round the yard in that thing an' I fall slap off. Smokes are back up to 10 an' 12 a day. I'll find me a good excuse before I finish this post.

Boat build'n project is com'n along just fine. Although I did apply a coat of poly to one side an' had to sand it back off. Damn cat. There's cat hair float round in "da house" an' some land slap in that fresh coat of polyurethane. It ain't got no hair in it now. Looks wonderful. 

Speak'n of damn cat. Leonard is up to very close to 11 pounds now. Back on a diet he goes.

I modified the seats in the boat. From the thousand photos of full size Chris Craft boats, all the seat backs are thin....real life, bout 2 1/2 inches. Seat backs from the kit are wide/thick, 4 inches. I fix that on the table saw. Then....the front seat cushions was too high for a normal person to sit on. I fix (modify) that too. Much better look'n. A fresh coat of paint applied.
Remember when I was ask'n how to dull the shine on hi gloss paint? Ha, the old Billy Bob done figger that out too. Hint....hold spray can bout 18 inch from the seats. Damn, look just like brand spank'n new leather seats.

Well shoot, since we work'n on the boat, let's install the steer wheel an' the dashboard. May as well add a coat of poly to the mahogany in the cockpits an' set the seats in place. Yup, that was a good decision.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout install'n some blankets cross the front winders to keep the heat in an' the cold out? For a 'redneck' job, I'm think'n they look just fine. An' them suckers work goood. When it got down to 41 degs the other night, I (me, Sadie Mae an' Leonard)was nice an' warm in "da house". Two electric heaters an' a little help from Mr Heater for bout a hour or so....on low (4500 btu).

Still don't know what to do bout a trip to Texas. Until I get a few more medical issues took care of....I'm "stuck in Georgia". I need a inspection on the "billy jeep", but that can wait a few months after January. "Sally da house will require a inspection in September an' my driver license will expire in Sept. Not sure if'n they will renew the driver license through the mail. Ya see, the last time I got my license, they put a restriction on me. Gotta wear glasses for driv'n. Damn cataracts.

Ok, this is bout all I can write bout this time.


  1. Now that boat looking might fine. Them window curtains sure do make a difference, our do a great job too.

  2. We blew by Sinton exit yesterday on 77(?) south headed for the RGV, nice road through that area. Max.

  3. The seats look so much better now, I will keep that in mind when I get that far along on my boat, I plan on starting mine today now that we are camped in one spot for a while. Your last post was very helpful, thanks Billy Bob for the info. That shine on yours looks awesome as George would say.

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  5. Seems like all of us need to renew our driver licenses. Did mine yesterday--was very worried about the test as well as the eye exam. Passed both with flying colors despite the damn cataracts.. Car registration came in mail as soon as I got home.

  6. Just want to let you know I'm still reading and quoting.

  7. The doc informed me yesterday that this horrible pain in my hip and upper thigh are from my spine, NOT my hip. Sooo, i sent a note to the pain doc that i will see on 11-2 asking for that ablation to be done. Surgery seems to be out,, what with all my health problems. Like you, just need help with the pain.

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