Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A boring 5 days.....an' very frustrat'n

Just check'n in. There ain't nuttin work right for the last 5 days.

Well shoot, wait a minute......I shouldn't say "nuttin" ain't work right. If'n I ain't never tole you, I have a hip problem. You know... hurt'n all the time. The other day after my back doc stick that big ass needle in my back, inject some stuff in there, my lower back pains an' that hip pain is much less. I would love to say them pains are all gone, painless, but that ain't the case. I'll go with bout 60 to 80% better. I ain't ate a aspirin in a week. Had me a couple Advil one night after I climbed out a tree.
"Ha ha Billy Bob, you ain't been in a tree in a hunnert year".
It's been a few years since my back an' hip feel this good.

My preparations for a cold ass winter....I ain't done a damn thing. Well, yes I did. I breaked out my other electric heater last night. It got to 50 degs ya know. Beautiful day outside today. Sunshine, a slight breeze an' bout 70 degs. But look out, a cold snap is gonna hit in a couple days....mid 40's night time an' lower 60's day time. Shoot, where I normally camp for the winters, those are the normal temps. It's gonna git much colder in another month.

I don't get much help no more with Robert work'n all the time. He got a job work'n on a shut down at a power plant. Work 60 hours a week.....6 10's. I don't know what they do with a shut down, but this one is supposed to last a few more months.

Damn boy howdy....... sure am glad Louie reminded me of my next doctor appointment on the 19th. I had done forget all bout it. Not that it's a important issue or nuttin like that, but they gonna remove a growth on my upper back....ingrowed hair or something like that. Gonna be good to get rid of it.

Ok, back to nuttin work right. All that shiny finish on the boat, I blew it. Ya see, it weren't a final finish or nuttin like that. I just wanted to get 2 coats of polyurethane on the boat. That was one. I preped the boat for a second coat. Went outside in the sunshine an' swabs me some poly on the surfaces. Oh my God....something wrong. Very rough an' all that shine is gone.

That even'n, I resanded. Sit'n in "da house" with a heater run'n, I applied another coat on the upper deck. Holy shit, almost perfect. Now I ain't never really liked polyurethane....I'm a varnish kind of guy, but I'm learn'n through many mistakes how to use the shit. "da brush Billy Bob, you us'n the wrong brushes". 1" foam brush....but the wrong 1" foam brush. They come in different grades ya know, an' I got the cheapest grade they make. Ha, live an' learn.

I glue the seat together. As called for in the kit instructions. Look pretty damn good if'n I do say so myself. But.....Chris Craft didn't install these kind of seats in real boats. The tops of the backs supposed to be rounded...an' mine ain't. Now how the hell do ya take super glued seats back apart?

Here's a few pics of what's been go'n on with the boat.

How do ya spell mirrer? An' that's not even close to finish.

Nope, see what I'm talk'n bout? The shine is gone.

This one don't look too bad...one more coat.

Look pretty good....from a distance. Up close...it needs a little help. 
See, these are kit seats. That top edge should be rounded with no bead. But shit, who's gonna know? 
You would never believe how many times I sanded off coats of poly on the dash. Finally got me a final finish. Installed the homemade guages an' walla, we got a finished dashboard.

That's it. Nuttin excit'n to write bout. Unless warsh'n dishes is excit'n. Damn I hate warsh'n dishes.  



  1. You are way to critical-- I think it looks wonderful Good luck with the hair removal.

  2. Glad to hear your back and hip pain has eased up. Life is sure miserable when you don't get any relief from the pain.

    I agree with Kristine - the boat looks beautiful!

  3. Yeppir tha boat looking awesome!
    A less pain sure is good, glad to hear that.

  4. That there boat lookin mighty good. My better half has them back and hip pains she gits them injections in the back and after 3 or 4 she good fer a year and a half till time to do em again. my boat is still in the dang box kinda intimidating,but finally got some glue so here goes nuttin. glad your pain is easing up a bit.

  5. hi BB. just like Run N Rose said previously ( Guess I'd better comment. Sure wouldn't want you thinkin I am not following you. Every single post. And I think that boat and trailer are FANTASTIC.) and ya where is the igloo cooler ? by the way billy bob the state of texas is missing you with 93°f to 68°f at night .

  6. "homemade gauges" he quietly says as if that's nothing worth noting! Glad you are off the aspirin; remember you need that to be the case to get that hair removed.

  7. hi BB. when are you coming home to texas billy bob ?

  8. Billy Bob you are one fibe modke maker. Great looking boat.