Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boat build'n hints.....damn....my back hurts again

It's late Friday even'n, I got a big ass cat, Leonard, sit'n in my lap an' a loving dog, Sadie Mae, lay'n at my feet.
What could be a better end'n of a beautiful day?
"I know Billy Bob, I know. Temps in the 40's, that would be better, right"?

I would have to show ya, but I ain't. I'll just say that "moving blankets" are be'n installed to cover the windshields of "da house". Keep the heat in "da house" ya know. In "Alice", my first motorhome, Tiffin had installed insulated curtains across the front. It was absolutely wonderful to keep the cold out an' the heat in. Now "Sally da house" weren't built by Tiffin, so's I have to do the installation myself. Two moving blankets (72x80) aughter do the trick....Robert picked up at Harbor Freight. Half a inch PVC pipe was bended in my Weber grill an' strung up next to the roof an' behind the TV. Temporary of course. We gonna be "up town" this winter. Pics will be provided after I hang the "curtains".

Speak'n of up town, me an' "yo mama" was gonna go to Walmart today. I need groceries an' she wanted to ride along. Ha, little does she know, the old Billy Bob spends a good 2 hours in Walmart.
Anyhows....my back hurted too bad to go to Walmart. The 5 days of a great feel'n back an' hip, them days is history. Yesterday night, not last night, I had me one them god awful backards leg cramps. Spended a hour get'n that sucker to go way. Slept in the office chair till 10am. Back an' hip hurted like hell all day. Same thing today. Ha, back to Googl'n V-8 powered wheelchairs.

For my boat build'n friends.....
 So....you gonna build a boat. Before ya do anything, break out the instructions an' read them suckers no less than 2 times. Ya see, if'n ya only read 'em onest an' start glue'n stuff together, you're gonna find out further into the instructions that you had to do something before ya glued that stuff together. An' tak'n glued stuff apart ain't no fun. I'm liv'n testimony.

What ya gonna need before ya even start....take my word for it.
You definitely will have super glue on no less than 4 fingers...an' both thumbs...at any given moment in time. It can be scraped off with a sharp knife, sanded off with coarse sandpaper or you can pick up a can of Goof Off super glue remover at any Home Depot. Ha ha, some scrap'n an' sanding still necessary.

Paper towels....at least 2 rolls.

2oz of super glue (CA) ain't enough to finish build'n a boat....order 4oz. Don't get your super glue from Walmart or Home Depot. Buy it online in 2 oz containers @ bout $10 each. Along with 4 oz's of accelerator....a must have.
Sand paper an' sand'n blocks. 80 grit, 100 grit, 150 grit an' 220 grit. Bout 4 full sheets of each. This will put a smooth evenly fared finish on your planking. The sanding blocks guarantee you will have a perfect surface with no hi an' low spots. This is called "fared". A must for the mirror finish. I found 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches wide an' 4 inchs an' 8 inches length was perfect. Oh, while I'm at it, do NOT sand cross grain. Would you like me to show you the scratches what never come out? Ha, only I shall know where they are.

You gonna be cut'n wood. At the hobby places...Hobby Lobby has 'em, they sell miniature saws....itty bitty teeth....bout $4 or so. A must have tool no matter what it cost. For carv'n you gonna need a hobby knife with some spare blades. A utility knife will be needed. I fount a deal at Home Depot....plastic utility knifes with break off blades....smaller than a construction utility knife. Get some spare blades. Hint, with the blade fully extended, this is a wonderful tool for tak'n apart stuff what you glued too soon...see above...or you glued crookit.   

Ok, that's all ya get today. When ya get the sub plank'n glued on, let me know an' I'll tell ya how to install the mahogany planking. You DO know it comes in 2 different widths, right? 1/2 inch for the hull sides an' the 3/8 inch for the deck. Do NOT make the mistake of us'n the deck plank'n on the hull.

As of this writ'n, it's 49 degs outside...an' go'n down to bout 42 by morn'n. That's freak'n winter time temps....YIKES!!!!


  1. Yep its cold, even colder here, they talkin snow here this morning, yuk !
    Keep the boat building going gonna me awesome.

  2. Some very good boat building experience you shared with us all. An r.v. can get plenty cold real fast never thot oh moving pads as insulation,great idea!!

  3. hi BB. just like Run N Rose said previously ( Guess I'd better comment. Sure wouldn't want you thinkin I am not following you. Every single post. And I think that boat and trailer are FANTASTIC.) and ya where is the igloo cooler ? by the way billy bob the state of texas is missing you with 90°f to 69°f at night . and billy can you add up what will be the minimum cost of all the tools and materials total ? how much in total will that boat and trailer be costing you ?

  4. I've been known to do my own numbering of steps in a plan so I don't miss those "you had to do that before you did this" instructions. Nice of you to point them out in the boat building project.

  5. hi BB. i hope you never forgot to get that ingrown hair out of you back . the canadians are glad that the longest in 60 years ( 78 days ) campaign is over . and tonight at 8:30 polls are closed . normal amount of campaign days is average 60 days . that is all canadians can handle every 4 years . remember i hope justin trudeau is the leader . i hope you are feeling good today .