Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blue blazes boat build'n....an' doctor appointments

Ok, it's late Thursday even'n an' guess what....I'm gonna write something. An' just you wait till I get to the hobby section.....my god, it looks like a boat an' trailer.

Just the other day, me an' "yo mama" jumps in her truck an' we go see a stomach doctor. Nice lady...an' she is "hot". Anyhows, the doc come in an' start ask'n me questions. Then this other nice lady come in an' say..."you got the wrong patient". Got all that straighten out an' I'm scheduled for a endoscopy an' a colonoscopy on the 29th. For the next 3 weeks I got to live with my stomach issues.
Oh, did ya ever have a case of internal hemorrhoids? There is a new, to me, method of get'n rid of 'em. Instead of surgical removal (with weeks of extreme pain), they place rubber bands on 'em an' they just fall off. Man boy howdy, I sure would like to get rid them things.
Ha, am I go'n too far talk'n bout "butt" things?

Today, me an' "yo mama" head off to see my back doctor. My God, that woman skeer shit out me with her driv'n. "Mary, slow down, roll the winder down an' git some fresh air....wake up".
It was a long wait in the wait'n room afore they call my name....got 3 ahead of me. The procedure went well ( steroid injection in SI). Oh wait, that cute little nurse girl done hurt the old BIlly Bob with a needle. I tole her before she stick me...."you hurt me an' we gonna have a discussion". I let her slide since she was so dad gum cute. I like cute ya know. Nov. 5th is the follow up.

The last two day has been perfect weather. Mid 60's night time, upper to lower 80's day time....with tons of wonderful sunshine. Yesterday I sit'ed outside for a good 6 hours soak'n up the great weather work'n on the boat. But guess what......weather changes. I'm  think'n tomorrow, we got some "this sucks" weather headed this way. More rain an' way lower temps.

I been spend'n lots of time think'n bout "what ya gonna do with the rest your life Billy Bob"? I know I sure am miss'n Texas an' "go'n down the road a piece". I wish it was just a matter of jump'n behind the wheel an' tak'n off....west. I don't think I would make it past the first day....two hunnert miles. I'm all set up for the winter here at "yo mamas". Welcomed to stay as long as I want. Robert is here in the downstairs apartment. Don't have to look very far for assistance if an' when needed. An' I get free food too. In fact, HIL Harry just bringed me a big ol' country fried balony, cheese, mater an' egg sammich.

Did I mention...." I MISS TEXAS"?

All the folks that insisted I post my boat building project on the blog....where the hell did you all go? I know there ain't a whole lot of people interested in hobbies such as mine, but damn, you could drop by "da house' an' say "Hi Billy Bob".

Ok, here we go with some more boat building stuff. The trailer has been completed. The boat has been sanded again an' a coat of polyurethane applied. Holy shit, you ain't gonna believe it.
Final coat of ivory paint applied.

 "Walk boards...step boards", or what ever the hell ya call 'em, fitted before 4 coats of polyurethane applied.

 See there, I tole ya, I builded a boat winch.

 Completed Chris Craft boat trailer......Yeee haa!!!

This is what I have to sand off the entire boat...make it smooth as a baby's butt.

 Before polyurethane.....all sanded an' just sit'n there.

 Oh yeah, we look'n good now.
But before we go any further, did you know polyurethane tends to run. Yup, I got me some runs to sand out.

 I got me a helper...."whats for dinner daddy"?

What can I say???

Holy cows, this post edited 8 times just to correct any misspelled words......dang!!!


  1. Like you, I'm getting older. I used to joke about being a geezer but, by God, now what do I now refer to myself as ?? I don't know why you worry about your blog. It seems just fine to me. We decided to just "sit" for awhile for 2 years and it's " different" ! I slowed down my blogging cause it would get boring. We keep busy but ..... Hope all the doctoring gets some results soon. Lovin' SW Florida.

  2. You have to be proud of that boat and trailer.

  3. Just purchased the same boat to build myself. Hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions along the way. Your boat and trailer look really really good.


  4. WoW!! that boat&trailer is a awesome job!! the winch incredible!! like i said before "Master Boat Builder" I hope them health problems git better soon. i be speechless,great job .

  5. Guess I'd better comment. Sure wouldn't want you thinkin I am not following you. Every single post. And I think tha boat and trailer are FANTASTIC. Wonder if it's been suggested that you make models to sell? That is what people tell me about my knitting and crocheting. But, after I put so much work ---- and money --- into a project, it is MINE! I don't want to sell it. I want to keep it. Are you like that? Good luck with the pain problems. Hope you get some answers.

  6. Now Billy Bob you sure are doing one amazing job on that boat and trailer.
    We will probably run into Jean and Skip in the Arizona desert this winter I wanna check out his boat in person.

  7. Replies
    1. I still can't seem to comment on BB's site, even when I subscribe to the feed, so I'll again reply to someone else's comment...
      Yes, I agree Steve, very cool. And from the photo with Leonard and the boat, much bigger than I imagined. Incredible that you did the trailer with no plans or kit, Billy Bob! What a guy! Where's the Igloo?

    2. I cannot post a comment either. I have to post a reply to get it to print.

  8. Great picture of Leonard.

  9. hi BB. just like Run N Rose said previously ( Guess I'd better comment. Sure wouldn't want you thinkin I am not following you. Every single post. And I think that boat and trailer are FANTASTIC.) and ya where is the igloo cooler ?

  10. I'm also right here for every single post. Sometimes I don't get to read them the day you post them but I read and enjoy every single one. I even took the pictures of your boat and trailer over to show Dave; that's how impressed I am. Keep on keeping on Billy Bob and we'll do our best to keep right on with you even as we all get older and creakier.

  11. Boat and trailer look great, You are a skilled artisian and boat builder. Hope the Docs can help with the stomach and back.

  12. Boat and trailer look great, You are a skilled artisian and boat builder. Hope the Docs can help with the stomach and back.

  13. Because of your posts I actually went and got my back x-ray'd. Doc says it is just a bit of arthritis (may has mentioned that previously) so I'm back trying to strengthen my core muscles to take the strain off. Started taking glucosamine and haven't had to take the prescription pain killer in a couple of weeks. Your writing made me go to a doctor earlier than I probably would have as I want this taken care of before I need to much medical intervention.

  14. hi BB. happy thanks giving day in Canada and happy Columbus day in usa. only 7 more days for your next doctor's appointment next Monday , also next Monday night Canada will know who will be the next ( president in usa, ) prime minister in Canada . lets hope it will be Justin Trudeau . good luck on your doctor's visit .