Friday, November 20, 2015

Just hang'n in there....not much go'n on

Ok, I know this ain't gonna be much, but I'm gonna post something.
"So where ya gonna start Billy Bob....since ya ain't been do'n nuttin"?

Health issues are bout the same. Been eat'n just fine as long as it ain't no heavy stuff like a double meat Whopper an' fries. Then I'm in trouble. Like today. Yesterday I says to hell with it, I'm gonna eat me up a big ol' chicken an' swiss cheese sammich. Mistake. I still tasted that thing early this morn'n even after puk'n last night. Ha ha, I love say'n puke. Brings out the redneck in everbody.

Still ain't got it figgered out why when I sleep in my bed, I wake up with back aches in the morn'ns. Sleep in the recliner an' I don't hurt so bad. Something bout numbers confuse me (Number bed). Took me a couple 500mg aspirins an' took care of that.

Dad gum doctor office call the other morn'n....I got a appointment. Far as I know, it was a follow up. Hell, I don't know 'cause I cancelled it. I was sick an' had a case of the squirts....LOLOLOLOL....that's funny.

Robert is off all next week, so we gonna go to the DMV an' transfer the "billy jeep" into his name. That will relieve me of a bunch of stress. An' no more freak'n Texas safety inspections on it. Now if'n there was only a way to transfer "Sally da house" to the state of Georgia, that would also relieve a bunch of stress. Anyhows......!!!!

Boy howdy is this boat ever piss the old Billy Bob off. Ya see, ever time I put a coat of polyurethane on it, it either bubbles or gets some dust on in. I'm using hi grade foam brushes an' I'm figger that may be the problem.....dust embedded in the brush. That's just a thought. Well guess what. My wonderful son bought me a spray thingy from Home Depot. Operates on a charge of CO2 good for 16 oz. in the little bottle thingy. This will be tryed on the two final coats. Gonna shine like a sun-a-gun.....or else.
Well, it do shine that way now, it's just them little bubble or dust thingys stick out like sore thumbs....Grrrrrr. Up close you can see 'em plain as day.
Sure do wished you could see the same shine that I see.

See them bubble thingys at the front seat? That's what I'm talk'n bout. After this pic was took, the deck was resanded an' another coat of poly applied. With 137 less bubbles. Hope that spray works good.
You may have notice I installed the stainless trim an' hinges on the engine compartment hatch doors.  Well, it ain't really stainless, but buffed out with Braso, it look just like stainless. Man boy howdy, you talk bout a tedious job. Drill all them tiny holes with a big needle an' a hammer.

Decals should arrive tomorrow (Saturday), but don't know when I'll stick 'em on. The boat is ready, but am I???? The last time I sticked a decal on, I screwed it up. Dad gum wrinkles an' bubbles. "Read the instructions Billy Bob". Ha ha, men don't read directions unless it don't work. Reminds me the time girlfriend tell me to stop an' ask directions. We was now on a dirt road.....lost.
 Don't need no stink'n directions...just head west.


  1. Men don't need no stink'n directions. We can get lost on our own without the help of directions. That goes for driving directiona or kit building directions.

  2. May your health improve daily till your fit as a fiddle BB that boat looking real good. Old woodworking trick with poly is to brush on several coats then sand and spray the final coat or three. Since mine is still in the box your way ahead of me,lol. waiting for Spting so i can finish outdoors.

  3. If you don't have a timetable it doesn't matter what route you take to get there. That applies to boat building as well as driving.

  4. We never been lost just some times it's a very unexpected scenic route .. lol...
    That boat looking wonderful.

  5. The picture of the dirt road reminds me of Terlingua.