Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How long does a hunnert dollar bill last? Long time I hope

Ha, I don't usually make a post after the midnight hour, but that's just what I'm gonna do tonight.
Ya see, I got me bout 8 hours sleep for the last 2 nights an' I ain't a bit sleepy tonight.

Good news first...along with a bit of not so good news. Let's start with the not so good first.
Saturday night I was blocked up an' it hurted like hell. I panicked...was skeered as hell... an' called son Robert to come sit with me while the laxative thingy did it's thing. A hour later I tells him he can go back to bed. What a relief.

The next day I decided to NOT take them pills what cause constipation, harsh voice an' queezy belly. Then today I didn't take them again. I feeled like a hunnert dollar bill today. So....I brews up a big pot of beef stew soup...taters, onion, mixed veggies, wide noodles an' 2 1/2 pound beautiful beef. Hot damn, it come [this] close to perfect. Although I did add just a tad too much of my secret ingredient.
None of my soups contain water as a brew'n agent.   

Yo mama come down from the house for a nice visit. We talk bout all kinds of stuff..."why don't you do dishes Billy"? So's she did 'em. No way did I try to talk her out of that chore. I hate warsh'n dishes. She even tossed that watermelon what's been in the fridge for a couple months. I wondered what the odor was.

Ok, I spended a hunnert hours search'n for a picture of the perfect Texas yeller rose. I fount one.

Then I opened up my trusty photo editor, Paint...everbody gots it on their computers. I went to work resiz'n that yeller rose. An' then I worked on some words in the little window thingy.
This is what I come up with....us'n the most god awful photo editor ever made.

Then I play with it some more an' I copy an' pasted it to the photo of the stern I posted the other day. Do ya think the rose is a bit to big??? Jist ask'n.

I'm think'n that looks pretty damn good for a "old as a rock" rookie photo editor feller. There will be no white in the decal. just in case you're wonder'n.
Now all I got to do is send my stuff to the decal lady in Arizona an' see what she say....see if'n she can make the decal in one piece from the files I'm gonna send/email her.

Other good news at Billy Bob's house is that Wednesday will be in the low 70's. The last couple days it's been in the low 50's all day long. Brrrrrr...that's cold.


  1. No, you definitively do not make posts during the midnight hour...but at this bewitching hour I sure do read them :)

    1. Replying again ... Darn this what-ever-it-is that won't let me post!
      Anyway, Billy Bob - I think your decal is just the perfect size, but I like the name of Texas Wild Rose. We do have several of those types in Texas, y'know - wild ones. But your boat is probably going to be much wilder than the rose, so maybe your name is more fitting. And, it IS your boat, so I think it looks grand.
      And thanks for letting me tag along on your comment, Ms. Belinda ~

    2. Baby Sis....the name Wild Texas Rose is NOT about flowers. It's about a Wild lady named Rose that lives in Texas

  2. Like the wild rose think its just about right, the decal will be awesome.

  3. hi BB. i like your decal just fine the way it is ,including the with back-ground .

  4. hi BB. happy veterans day , and thank you very much for your military service and willing to scarify your life for our freedoms that i enjoy every day .