Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Not feel too good.....again

Yesterday I had a plan. A grand plan. But like so many my plans, a old monkey wrench got throwed right in the middle the whole mess. So yesterdays plans were put on hold for another day. What ain't really a bad thing. I mean, like what the hell is the hurry???

My most important plan for yesterday was to move "Sally da house" to the new camp site. That's where all the new electric an' water was run to. But did the old Billy Bob move "da house? Well hell no....I were sick. Ya see, some times I eat some weird stuff an' it don't agree too good with my overly sensitive stomach....and related parts. My freak'n back was giv'n me the fits. So, I didn't "do nuttin".

Well yes I did do something. Remember that old HP computer I was tell'n ya bout? I'm gonna fix it. That was the general idea anyhows. That sucker had a hunnert screws in it....an' I broke stuff. Ain't no fix'n that sucker now. But there's still one more thing I have in mind for that computer....."The Big Bang". Stay tuned as I write the plot in my little black book.

With spring break in full force over there on the Island, I will not be mak'n a trip to Port Aransas just yet. If'n ya ever waited 2 hour in a ferry line, ya know what I'm talk'n bout. Port Aransas is a destination for thousands of wild an' wooly teens from all over Texas to break every law imaginable. Port Aransas is not  the place to go during spring break just to pick up your mail. Well, for old folks anyhows.
Oh wait, I just look at the ferry cams online. There ain't no traffic go'n to the Island. Do I or don't I???  

I were check'n the fish'n report for Falcon Lake. They catch'n fish, but they ain't catch'n many big 'uns. Mostly 5 an' 9 pounders. What would be Ok for the old Billy Bob 'cause he like to catch fish no matter what size. I also check the weather forecast down there. Holy crap, it's get'n up in the 90's....and that's on the rather warm side if'n ya ask me.

Waked up this morn'n wonder'n why it were cold in "da house". Well shoot, the freak'n door was wide open all night long. Sadie Mae didn't close it when she came inside. It were 47 degs outside an' probly bout 55 inside. I know one thing for sure.....I were cold.

Ok, I got a decision to make. And a few things I got to do......laters.



  1. Just go over to the island and party with the young folk. That will fix your back and what else ails you.

  2. Who said YOU ate the fish? I was talking about ME.
    BTW, I like fish. Fried, broiled, grilled,,whatever. Don't see a thang wrong with passing your catch on to me.

  3. Hey Trouble I was hoping he and or Barney would pass on their catch to ME,jajajajaja :D

    Just wondering is the electricity and water going to be free? or did you all install a separate meter?