Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy as a bee...

I was just sit'n there on the couch....look'n round at all the mess that Mississippi riverboat has caused. I've got to git up right now an' start clean'n house.

Well, it didn't actually work out that way. Ya see, I got me a new "to do" list and I'm all full of piss an' vinegar to get started on this list. On top of the list was to drill some big ol' holes through the cabinets and install a HDML cable from the laptop to the TV. In the process, I have a pile of "toss in the dumpster" stuff in the middle of the floor. Cable installed out of sight an' mind....works like a charm. Now I can watch laptop on TV. "Why Billy Bob....what the hell for"????

The new cable for the printer was too short....so's I moved the printer. Problem solved.

I don't think I ever did wash dishes that fast in a hunnert years. I swear, it didn't take over 20 minutes. Even with two breaks. Did you know that wash'n dishes is very hard on your lower back? Well it is for the old Billy Bob anyhows. Ya see, when the sink cabinets was designed for a RV, they  failed to allow a "toe kick" area at the bottom of the cabinets (a place to put your toes while ya bend over the sink wash'n dishes). That extra 2 inches makes a big difference. 

The damn pit bull got holt on that damn goat. I was sit'n there on the couch an' I hears Bubba yell'n at the dog. I says, "what the hell". Bout that time, here come that damn goat run'n a hunnert mile a hour....right up the steps into "Sally da house"....knock'n stuff all over the place. We ain't talk'n no little goat here, this sucker weigh right bout 200 pounds. Barely fit through the door. I got to get this goat out my house before he decides he gonna piss on the floor. But he ain't mov'n a inch. Just stand'n there shak'n like a leaf. Then he piss on the floor. Damn goat!!!

Other than for the wind, yesterday was a pretty nice day. Ain't much else I can say bout it. This is the kind of weather I can live with. Less the wind of course.

For someone what hates wind, I had me a couple sailboats....what took good gusts of wind to make them go. In fact I was gonna sail the 41' Formosa to the Caribbean islands after I retired. Laid back on the beach drink'n rum an' danc'n with the hoochi coochi island girls. You got to remember I was younger back then....don't do that kind of stuff no more. Ain't say'n I don't like hoochi coochi island girls or nuttin like that, but I just ain't got time for that kind of silly nonsense. Although, the position for a cute little first mate is still open.    

Ok....got things to do. Laters.


  1. Does a new first mate, along with being cute, have to be able to play golf, too?

  2. Might be about time to look at another sail boat!

  3. "I don't think I ever did wash dishes that fast in a hunnert years. I swear, it didn't take over 20 minutes. Even with two breaks."

    Oh Billy Bob you have made my night...jajajajajaja...only two breaks huh? Lol!