Sunday, March 10, 2013

One down....one to go

If your reasons for read'n my blog is for all the adventure, spectacular photography and travels, well I got some news for ya. Every day of my life is not all those things. I have days just like everbody else, sometimes "do'n nuttin" and others just plain boring. So hang in there, one day soon I will surprise ya and do something so excit'n you'll pee your pants. 

Yee Haa!!!! That nephew Joseph and "bubba" got the shipping container raised right bout 8 inches. Had it not been for the supervision of Billy Bob & Company, that container would still be sit'n on the ground. Don't the younger generation think any more or have any common sense these days?

The 50 amp power project has been completed....and if'n I do say so myself, it looks good. Cain't wait to move "Sally da house" over there and hook up.

In the mean time, the water line project has been started. As I type, 60 feet of 3/4 inch pvc water lines has been completed and dropped into the shallow trenches. Three hose bibs are stick'n up ready for water to be turned on. Oh wait, there is still another 100 feets of water line to be run an' hooked up the the main water supply.

It seems, accord'n to the weather thingy, that there is another front headed into Texas in the next few days. I don't know bout anybody else, but the old Billy Bob is plumb ready for some "nice" weather. I'm think'n this is gonna be a winter to remember for years to come. I suppose we'll hear some scientists say'n all these cold fronts is caused by global warming. Al Gore sucks!!!

Did I mention that I don't like Windows 8??? It ain't only Windows 8 that I don't like, I also don't like the new screen color. Reminds me of LED lights, what I don't like neither. Bright white color. Has a blue tint to it. Now, all that other stuff.....I don't like that neither. Apps an' stuff like that. How the hell do ya turn them off??? What they for? All I wanted was a regular old computer without all this new fangled stuff.

Tomorrow I have got to make a dreaded trip to Port Aransas. It's been almost 3 months since I've seen hide or hair of my mail. I NEVER go this long without ordering my mail delivered to me. Yup, I use a mail delivery system. I call 'em, they send me my mail.

Speak'n of mak'n a trip to Port Aransas, I also need to go to Corpus Christi to pick up a adapter or what ever to connect to the old hard drive in the dead computer. 


  1. I have to agree with your assessment of Windows 8. You cant find anything and what you can find is not what you are looking for.
    If you need to I have a adapter to read your hard drive. It works great and is easy to use.I paid $80 for it. No use in spending money unless you have extra. I would be happy to send it down to you to use and you could send it back when you are done. No charge !!! Let me know Billy.

    1. Thanks for the offer Dan.....but!!! I took a look at my external hard drive an' it looked like it comes apart. Yup, it sure do. Hooked up the drive out of the dead computer and got all my files transferred. Weren't nuttin to it. Now if'n I could figger out how to operate Windows 8 I would be liv'n good.

  2. " do something so excit'n you'll pee your pants. " I got my diaper on excitedly waiting!

  3. Something exiting to come, I can't wait. Hope to be on the road soon, but that depends (or is it suppose?) Isn't that the new type of diaper that Barney is talking about?

  4. You might try moving the app icons to the trash. At least it would get them off the screen, but I'm not sure if the program would actually be deleted. I have an application called "Garage Band" (comes with the Mac) but I can delete the icon without permanently deleting the program. I'll never use it, but so long as I don't have it clogging up the screen I don't care that it's on my computer.

  5. butterbean carpenterMarch 10, 2013 at 10:48 PM

    Howdy #1 BB,
    It don't take nuttin' toooo excitin', I already do that, sometimes!!!!! I sure am glad my XP is still workin'(knock on wood) because a whole lot of folks is cussin' Winders 8!!! The electrical work looks like a pro put it in!!! Looks good, Joey & Bubba!!! Have a really good day on the road, BB, runnin' all over S Texas for a little $2 part!!!
    Hope your back eases up from all of the abuse you're givin' it!!!

  6. "So hang in there, one day soon I will surprise ya and do something so excit'n you'll pee your pants."

    You silly Billy jajajajaja :D

  7. BB -
    When we bought a new laptop and Hubby wanted to get Windows 8 I quickly vetoed that idea. Got a cheaper laptop, too, cause it only had 7, and a keyboard instead of a touch screen. We asked the kid waiting on us, 21 or so, if he would get 8 and he rapidly said "No way - not for myself and certainly not for my grandparents!". Sold me - and glad we went that direction! Good luck with yours!

  8. Nice that electric stuff is now taken care of. Just the water now, then you probably gonna hit the road and run away.
    Have fun there.

  9. You are gonna have a nice place to come back to each time you need a spot to set a spell. How nice of your nephew to let you have that option. He must like you.

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  10. Hey there, Billie! You must have a very exciting journey so far. One thing that you would not want to miss in your house is water. It’s great to know that you’ve got your water line hooked up. By the way, how are your trips going? I bet there’s none greater than them. Keep us posted. Enjoy your trips! ;)
    -Carmella Vancil

  11. I can last a week without gadgets and electricity but not w/out water, of course! It's good to hear that you have a water line hooked up in your truck. I bet it made your trips more convenient. We can't wait to hear more about your adventures, so keep the blog updated! Drive safely. n_n
    -Lovella Cushman

  12. It just sounds more comfortable to live in “Sally da house” now that she has access to water! Isn't that cool? Anyway, hope you are able to check the water lines regularly. It's good that you have access to water but it'd be wiser if you can keep water from leaking out. What do you think? Leaks are often tricky, so if there is any plumber near you with high-tech ways to detect pipe leaks, consult with them. Also, I hope your pipes also comes with lifetime warranty. Enjoy your travels!

    ->Darryl Lorio

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