Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dishes again????

Oh boy, here we go again. One day I feel like a hunnert dollar bill an' the next day I feel like a quarter.

I got all ambitious yesterday an' modified a cabinet. What I did was cut one end off'n it so the front passanger seat could be turned towards the liv'n room for extra seating.Who wants to look at the back of a seat what don't turn around?

This cabinet is a Walmart special, more than likely made in China. Constructed out of recycled shoe laces, chicken feathers and wood chips, better known in the US as "particle board". Particle board is a miracle building material. You can purchase particle board in various thicknesses, that will in time double in size with the slightest application of humidity or a spilled preferred beverage. At what time it becomes totally useless as a piece of furniture and should be deposited in the nearest dumpster without haste.

Of course, I washed up all them dishes what was sit'n in the left hand sink for bout a week. Actually it took me all day long to complete this project as I was involved in other more important household chores. "Sally da house" is gradually begin'n to look like a home again instead of a teenagers bedroom.

Speak'n of dishes.....I receive many comments regarding my use of eating implements. Such as choice of plates, utensils and drink'n vessels. I use nothing but the best Walmart special paper plates. I eat with regular every day Dollar General silverware. My cooking instruments consist of one each 12 inch an' 8 inch skillets. Two pots, less lids, of generous size to brew up a 3 day supply of hearty one pot meals. Two smaller quart size pots for heating of prepared foods, what also serve as a adequate bowl. Yes, I have some regular bowls of various sizes, but using a bowl amounts to extra dishes to wash (the pot used to heat the food and the bowl). Why don't I wash dishes as I use them? Simple....water conservation and WHY.

My god it was cold last night. I waked up at 4am (0400 for my active military followers), an' it were 34 degs outside. Whoa mama!!!....that's get'n downright cold. Ain't no use me whinn'n bout the weather is there??? So....when is it gonna be warm/hot???

My Canadian friend Louie asked me to post a pic of my future campsite at El Rancho Abraham. 
Notice that electric pole in the back. That where I'm gonna run the electric circuit from to the front of that big 40 foots container (bout a hunnert feet). Then I'm gonna park "da house" part ways back (maybe 10 feet) between that front pole and the container. That "damn goat" will have to relocate to a new housing project. Imminent domain ya know.

OK, I got a few things to do......laters. 



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  2. Im fixin to get me a sally da house of my own , watch out.



  3. When you ain't there, can other RVers rent that space?

  4. You did good on your cabinet modification.

    As far as the dishes are concerned, I know you say it is to converse water but you had water in Falcon Heights and you have water at Rancho Abraham...I think you are just lazy...jajajajaja!

    When are you going to post a picture of the new grand nephew?

  5. Billy Bob, you are one sly dog on getting out of doing dishes every day.

    Of course, you could just let Sadie Mae lick em clean?

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. Goat ? What goat, you seeing things again ? That apparent pile of droppings could be from anything, even one of Sadie Mae's future friends. Actually they look way to big for any goat or dog. Maybe you will have a horse or mule for a "neigh"bor.