Thursday, March 28, 2013

The saga continues

Well, here I sit look'n out the winder at another dreary sunless day. If'n I was a bit more poetic, I would explain what a dreary day looks like.

Well shoot, everthing I touched yesterday either broke or didn't work. Oh wait a minute.....nephew Joseph took me to Corpus Christi yesterday morn'n for breakfast at IHop. Didn't break a damn thing.

We drove through a dozen car dealerships look'n for that one special Jeep I been look'n for (Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4. And there that sucker was, all shiny, new tires, detailed inside an' out, just sit'n there in the used car lot. Then it broke. The dealership parts man had just bought my Jeep Cherokee Sport the day before. The old Billy Bob is SOL on that one.

Then we stop off at a computer parts sell'n place. I was need'n some cables to hook up my printer and a cable to reach from the TV to the laptop. Ain't gonna 'splain why I need them, but I do. It's a Billy Bob thing ya know.

Back at "da house", I were gonna lay back an' take it easy......"do nuttin" ya know. That only last bout 10 minutes fore I drag out my tools an' stuff and start work'n on "the project". "How long does it take to build an' install a smoke generator in a Mississippi riverboat Billy Bob"? Well, there's a lot of unforeseen obstacles that have to be overcome along the way. Like "Oh eff, I broke something". Or "How comes that don't fit"? "Freak'n super glue".

I'll take this moment to say....I'm sorry smoke generators and Mississippi river boats don't interest my readers, but this project stuff is "meat an' taters", "apple pie", "cream in coffee", to the old Billy Bob. I git sooo damn excitis I could pee my pants.

The afternoon was spent wiring all the electronics an' a hand full of electric wires installed for the drive motor an' smoke generator. Battery has been installed, hidden from view, inside the cabins on the second deck. A test dry run was made.....no water. Rudders work just fine. Sternwheel turns forwards an' backards. Smoke generator makes smoke. Boy howdy, when I say smoke, I mean smoke. Not only does smoke come out of the stacks, it comes out everwheres. I'm think'n there's probly a gasket leak'n problem. Looks like the whole damn boat is done catched on fire. What ain't exactly the look I was think'n bout when I started this project. Redesign of gaskets is the order of the day.....silicone did not work worth a crap. Although, I did do a piss poor job with the silicone tube. Gobs of silicone everwheres.

So what am I gonna do today. Since it's plumb ass ugly outside, I gonna be inside today. An' since I gonna be inside, I'm gonna work on my project. Bet ya didn't figger on that did ya?

I been wait'n all week long for Friday to make a appearance. You know, go golf ball swak'n an' eat seafood at the Butter Churn. Well, the weather thingy says tomorrow may bring rain, thunderstorms an' wind over 20 mile a hour. Do I dare venture out in them kind of weather forecasts? Only time will tell, but I'm think'n I probly will. What's life without a little spice?     


  1. My kinda stuff so keep on doin and writing bout it. Definately sounds like a gasket failure.

  2. Are you sure you are in Texas, why we only have bright and sunny days here, at least it has been that way here for a little too long. We need some rain. I laughed when I pictured that riverboat going down the river with smoke coming out of every window, door, crack, and crevice. Now that would get peoples attention.

  3. Sorry you lost out on that Jeep Cherokee Sport.

  4. I'm surprised you don't set off the smoke alarm, unless your alarm is like mine - still in the package. I've been living here almost a year & a half and have two shiny new smoke alarms still in the package.

    1. Gypsy that is just wrong, you should get up right now and installed them if you don't want to drill and screw use two way tape or a piece of Velcro. And don't forget to take one with you to the cabin....

  5. WHO SAYS smoke generators and Mississippi river boats don't interest your readers? Not true! I guess you got your jeep back? Maybe the deal hadn't closed yet? Do wish you would find that elusive new one you're wanting!

  6. What year Jeep are you looking for? There is a 1999 with 150,000 miles not far from you.

    151,462 mi.
    Chili Pepper Red Pearl, 4 door , RWD, SUV, Automatic, 4.0L I6 12V MPFI OHV, Stock# P24176.
    Dealer: Mike Dodd's Motor Trends (Alvin, TX ~ 159 mi. away)

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  8. I'm loving the smoke generator and riverboat story, can't wait to see it in operation.