Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo added...Fingers stuck.....super glue

"My God Billy Bob, you're a idiot. You super glued your fingers together". You think I'm joke'n don't ya?

I don't know bout everbody else, but yesterday was a special day at Billy Bob's house. Ya see, when I get involved in a project, I put my heart an' soul in it. Yesterday I did nuttin but work on projects. Cajun tunes was cranked up, fresh coffee was brewed as needed, sounds of enjoyment was heard through out "da house". Money matters were forgotten, no thoughts of depression,.....I was in a world of bliss.

As with all engineers, you gonna screw up, no matter how good ya think you are. Make a wrong calculation, draw a line where there ain't supposed to be one....your measurements don't add up. So what do you do? Well shoot, that's simple....ya modify. And that exactly what the old engineer Billy Bob had to do.

Ya see, it's like this....remember that drawing I posted the other day of the "planned" smoke generator? Had I built it to drawing specs, it would have never fit into the proposed space. So I had to modify.

As you can plainly see, the top cover is different from the draw'n and it's made of heavy plastic. "Won't plastic catch fire Billy Bob"?  We'll leave that question unanswered until after an extended test has been performed.

Can anybody says...."SMOKE"??? I got the right idea, but "DAMN.....in da house"??? 
"Billy Bob, you are 71 years old. Don't ya think this is a bit too much for a old guy in your condition"???

Oh wait, I forgot to tell ya bout super glue'n my fingers. When I glue stuff, I smooth it out with my fingers so's ya cain't see it. Then I got wet super glue all over on my "smooth'n finger....what ended up stuck real good to my thumb. What didn't come apart. Work'n with a razor knife and numerous household solutions, my fingers are now unglued. Access glue removed and sanded to fresh skin. You did know that a file and sandpaper will remove super glue....right? Ha ha, can just see myself at the emergency room with two fingers glued together. LOL.....had a girlfriend one time I would liked to super glue her lips shut. Jibber jabber all day long bout nuttin.

So what the hell did you do yesterday?

Boy howdy......I waked up early this morn'n freez'n half to death. It were all the ways down to 36 degs. outside. The electric heater was set on bout 50 degs therebouts, so yes, I were cold when I got up. Don't think it woulda made no difference what it was set on since a electric heater only puts out 5,000 BTU's. Takes right bout 14,000 BTU's to keep "da house" comfortable (70 to 75 degs.) in freez'n weather.

Today I will be painting. Oh hell no, not art work. I give that up years ago. When I was younger an' had more free time on my hands, I used to draw, paint pictures.....stuff like that. I were a "arteest"....or something like that. Oil and acrylics. Charcoal. Pencils. Now that I've retired, I ain't got no extra time to do stuff like that.

Speak'n of Blogger. What the hell??? Have ya clicked on a photo on somebodys blog? Something has changed again. At least it has on my blog. Photos open in a new window.
I also got to think'n. What if Blogger stopped "free" blog posting? I've got over 3 years of blog posts what I would hate to lose. On the old HP laptop what don't work no more, I saved a couple years of posts. But I saved them in a little folder to the desktop. They were not on the hard drive when I formatted it. Gone....poooof, just like that.

Ok, start of another excit'n day for Billy Bob an' crew. Laters. 


  1. My wife says that Clorox Clean-Up will take super glue off skin, but that stuff is so strong it will take your skin off, too.

  2. There are some weird things happening with blogger in the past couple of days. Makes you wonder why they needed to fix something that wasn't broke - the old blogger suited me just fine. I get cold chills thinking about gluing fingers together. I think I'd head for the hospital emergency room, except it woiuld be embarassing to have to explain what happened. Glad you are unstuck and sanded down.

  3. My wife glued her fingers together just a few days ago with super glue. I used finger nail polish remover with acetone in it to get them unstuck.

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