Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wer' ya Ben????

"Well howdy Billy Bob, wer' ya ben"???
I so many words, I been just hang'n round do'n mostly nuttin.

There comes a time in  man's life when he has to take a good look at "the rest of his life". You know, sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n. I gonna tell ya right now, it ain't look'n too good on this end. One day is the same as yesterday an' the other day.

It all didn't start yesterday or even last week. I'm think'n it all started right after heart surgery....early 2008. I told my doctor on my 2 week check up, "you people killed me". And to this day, I believe that to be true. I've made it 5 years since that dreadful day back in '08, but it's been a hard row to plow. In a 5 hour operation, my life was turned into a liv'n hell an' there ain't a damn thing I can do bout it. I rekon you could say I'm just wait'n.

I worked up enough energy yesterday to pull that "Mississippi" river boat off'n the wall an' do some work on it. As you may recall, it took a year to complete building this Mississippi river boat.
 You may also recall I converted it to remote control. This task took many hours of modifications an' frustration. But it only took one day to sink it....drown'n all the electronic controls deader 'an a door nail.

After a couple years, the controls have finally dried out and are again in work'n order. So back to square one....reinstall'n all them electronic controls an' install'n the battery in a lower center of gravity (so's the boat don't turn over no more an' sink). The most logical location for the battery is inside the "fake" boiler....what a few design modifications are required.

A couple hours of remov'n railings, access to the "fake" boiler was accomplished. A removable top was constructed, battery installed and slid back in place. No one will ever know there is a battery inside that "fake boiler".

That golf swak'n game with the OFM Barney took it's toll on the old Billy Bob. But I ain't about to give up swak'n balls all over a golf course. I heared somewheres that a little pain never hurt nobody. That's BS as far as I'm concerned. I hurt everwheres. Have ya ever been shot in the ass with a air nailer? Well, that what I feel like. An' them leg cramps.....Holy Crap....them suckers hurt. Hope old Barney has fared better.

Barney asked me the other day...."what's your plans for this summer"??? I says...."ain't got none". Well shoot, it's almost summer. Time to sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n. More on this subject as I repair from all the excitement I been hav'n. I'm think'n "lakes". "Bubba boat", Mississippi river boat, an' fish'n. What ya think??? But before ya make a bunch of suggestions, remember my condition...."wore slap out".

Ok....that's all I got for today. I need to go sit down, sip up a cup an' do some think'n.


  1. My left knee is so gimped up I can hardly walk. It is getting better but man what pain right under my kneecap. Ain't missed a meal over it though.

  2. Good job, Billy Bob. Looking forward to the next Mississippi River Boat installment! :-)

  3. Maybe you should tie a fishing line on that riverboat and fish by remote control! Just a thought!

    Of course, when that big ol' bass took off with your boat, you might have to chase it down!

  4. Fishing Billy Bob, go fishing. That cures all ills.

  5. You two guys sound like "Grumpy Old Men"

    (LOL---teasing ya, okay?)

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. That is a really nice looking boat...I'm going to have to look back on your blogs about building it....That must have been sad to see it go turtle after all the work you put into it..