Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update....Solar day

It seems logical that if'n ya was to swak a golf ball with a big ol' golf ball swak'n stick, that ball should go perfectly straight, right down the middle of the fareway bout half a mile or so. Well, Billy Bob's golf ball swak'n has nuttin to do with logic what so ever. I think you get a pretty good picture of how yesterdays golf game went. We will not dwell on this subject any further this morn'n.

When me an' the OFM Barney arrived at the "greasy churn" (Butter Churn eat 'em up place), we were both famished to the point we would eat "anything". My thoughts were a big ol' salad topped with generous scoops of blue cheese dressing. So's I built me one. "Good choice Billy Bob". Now stop with all the umm, umm, yum, yum sounds". Then after that, I loaded me up a plate of home cooked "little bit of this, little bit of that" vittles. As usual, we both exited the "greasy churn" fully satisfied that we had made a good decision. It was well worth what ever Barney paid the nice lady for our wonderful meals.  

Ok, why is it so freak'n cold in "da house" this morn'n. The electric heater was on all night so it should be comfortable in here.....right? Well shoot, the door is wide open. That damn goat could have come in "da house" last night an' I would have never knowed it.  Be goat pellets all over the floor....stuff like that.
Now that got me to think'n bout gun control....leav'n the door wide open, stuff like that. If' you was to break in some body's house an' steal stuff, would you enter while they was home in bed with the possibility they was all snuggled up to a 12 gauge shotgun? Or would you go next door where the people are off on vacation somewheres?

How much is 57 billion dollars? Well, with our government, it ain't very much at all. Yee gads, piss the old Billy Bob slap off.

Ok....I got me a solar charge controller to fix. That's item #2 on a list of bout a hunnert things to do. I rekon I'll update with a few photos as this repair progresses. What could go wrong???

Ok, "you too fast Billy Bob". What a piece of cake that job was. I fix it in less than 30 minutes. But I had to modify a breaked off little solder doo dad thingy. But the old Billy Bob know how to do that too.
 This is what the back of a solar charge controller look like.
That little gray doo dad thingy is loose. That what I gonna resolder.
See.....I tole ya I knowed what I were do'n.

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Oh boy, where my list? Maybe make a Walmart run for a couple three gallons of oil and drop by Home Depot, see what choices of vinyl floor'n they got. Just look'n ya know.


  1. That sounds like a great place to eat. I like to build my own special salad.

    What go wrong with "the fix"? Nothing, it is safe in the hands of Bill Bob the Fixer of Things. I am confident in you.

    1. You make me blush Dizzy with all your compliments to my "fix it" abilities. It's done and operating just like a brand spank'n new one.

  2. I never understand a word about solar chargers, but you sure sound smart talkin' about it.

  3. I sure am glad I have been following you as well as other RV bloggers so I would not have made the mistake of buying one and trying to embark on a lifestyle that I know nothing about.

    All the fixing up and things that can and do go wrong at one time or another would have wiped me out financially and emotionally from the worry :(

    I am a stay in one place kind of gal and I did not even know it? Who says blogs are not educational?

  4. Faster, Faster Faster those 14 pound bass at Falcon are calling for you!