Friday, February 8, 2013

A trip to Walmart

With that monster storm up there in New Jersey and such, weather here in south Texas is get'n it's fair share of miserable weather also. Overnight low was 64 degs with a forecasted high of 81 degs by this afternoon. High winds are predicted to be in the 10 to 20 mile a hour range for the next 4 days. Ain't gonna be no fish'n for a few days that for sure.

Made a Walmart run yesterday morn'n. Had it not been for need'n my meds refilled, I would have never gone. My back was feel'n pretty good, so decided the trip would be fine. WRONG!!!!  Drop off my med bottles to be refilled and the nice lady says "one hour". Before I got out of the fish'n section, my meds were ready to be picked up. Now that's a first.

I rambled round the store look'n at stuff....touchie feelie ya know. Headed for the grocery section an' load up my buggy with all kinds of good eats. After I spend 2 1/2 hours walk'n the aisles, I says..."I got to git out of here". I'm hungry and my back is kill'n me. That's when I got pissed at Walmart. Ya see, there was a dozen or more people with over flow'n shop'n carts lined up at the 3 open check outs. What the hell??? Over against the wall leaned 3 Walmart employees. One was pick'n buggers, one was scratch'n his crotch and the other just stood there look'n dumb with his thumb up his butt. I see some Walmart dude with a white shirt an' a clip board....just stand'n round do'n nuttin. I hollers..."HEY!!!!" Now you know when Billy Bob hollers "HEY", something gonna happen. I done got called down one time in a Walkmart over there in Georgia for cuss'n in the store. "Where the eff is all the check out people"???....that what I said.....loud enough for everbody to hear. He tells me they are all on break. Break hell, Walmart people don't get breaks. "What bout them three stand'n over there against the wall do'n nuttin"??? "Oh, they aren't qualified to handle cash transactions" he tells me. I says...."well how bout I just leave this buggy full of stuff right here and you find someone what ain't on break to restock all this stuff"??? I turns to walk away. He catches up to me and before I know it, there's a new cashier to check me out.....poooof, there she was, just like that. Damn, Walmart can piss me off sometimes.Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Now I'm back home with a hunnert shop'n bags to tote from the car to "da house". I'm hungry and my back is kill'n me. I put on a pot of coffee to brew on the stove and start unload'n groceries an' stuff.....two bags at a time. Damn that was a job. That coffee came out smell'n pretty good. Pour me a cup an' take a couple 500mg back and pain aspirin. I sits down......damn I'm hungry....and my back is kill'n me.

Built me a big ol' pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup while I was wait'n for the aspirin to do their thang. They didn't. Lay rould all even'n eat'n beef stew soup, read'n western/cowboy books and whin'n bout how much my back hurts.
Stupit out of focus camera......

Speak'n of beef stew soup, I could teach MsB how to cook....if'n she would listen and follow directions. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I'm thinkin' that getting her to pay attention and listen and follow directions is one case of a man needin' to know his limitations. :) However, I do think that I need to sample your cooking to see if it tastes as good as it looks. I'm surviving on trail mix and peanut butter sandwiches waiting on the shippers to show up.

  2. Good for you making such a fuss in Wal*Mart. It takes someone like you to keep them on their toes. Thanks for sticking up for the common man.

  3. Agree wholeheartedly with DD. Same story here. One of my latest upsets:
    at the Wmart near us, the "tobacco aisle" --only one that sells cigs--has a sign -- 10 items or less. Got in line there. I don't smoke but it was the only reasonable line since I was only buying 2 things. A person in front of me is soon joined by a family member with an overloaded cart of groceries. WTH?? There were other people in front of and behind me---all equally upset. The explanation we were given was that there was nothing to be done if the man wanted to buy cigs. Talk about irate people. It isn't as if we have lots of choices any more. Am sure glad to hear how you handled it. I'm going to remember that; maybe do the same in the future. Have a good day. Hope your back is some better!

  4. Gotta love Walmart, saving themselves money by not having a lot of cashiers. I save enough that I shop there anyway... I ought to buy some WM stock with that saved money, then I wouldn't feel like I'm wasting my life in their lines!

    The stew looks good!

  5. That soup looks good, and I'm getting hungry for my lunch. Do you have any left over?

  6. "Speak'n of beef stew soup, I could teach MsB how to cook....if'n she would listen and follow directions. Maybe tomorrow."

    Lol, here it is 2:14 a.m. I am getting all into you telling off those Wal-Mart people...thank you by the way...and then I read this!

    jajajajajaja...you have a better chance of winning the Lotto :D

  7. ahhh ya crotchety old bugger... you showed them!


    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  8. That beef stew soup sure is looking pretty tasty.