Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicken or not chicken????

Did I fail to mention yesterday that my black water tank could have been blocked? Blocked means there is no flow when you open the valve an' all the stuff stays in the tank. That's not good. Dirty....well, we all know what that means. My attempt yesterday was NOT to clean my tank, but to empty it. But fear not, the old Billy Bob know some stuff.....it's empty.

Which brings us to the question, what is the best agent to add to waste water storage tanks in a RV? A little research brings up hunnerts of home remedy concoctions and recommendations. Some of which I would NEVER in my lifetime add to my tanks. I'm not so much concerned with a "clean" tank as I am with break'n down the "stuff". Who ever heard of a "clean" septic tank??? Anyhows, I'm back in business.

Yesterday afternoon I look out in the yard. The flags on the pole were just hang'n there.....no wind. I betcha a buck I could go fish'n. WRONG. Bout the time I got myself ready, Sadie Mae in the car, the winds start to pick up. And then they blowed. There went that idea.

Looks can be deceiving:
When chicken don't taste like chicken, there is something wrong. Ya see, I fired up the "fire breather" grill last even'n an' throwed me some chicken on it.
As soon as I seen all the smoke pour'n out from under the lid, I quickly moved the chicken out of the roar'n flames. Run inside an' grabs my camera. Too late. This is the last of the flames, but I mean to tell ya, that sucker were on fire. When all was said an' done an' the flames had died down, the chicken tasted terrible. Then I got to think'n, why does this chicken taste terrible? My first thought was that it was Mexican chicken, bought by Walmart from some chicken ranch across the border 6 months ago and just now put'n it on the shelves. Then I thought it may be that my "fire breather" grill could use a good clean'n. What could be the case. But I never clean my grill and chicken has always taste like chicken up to this point. Or maybe it was all that stuff I put on it. I don't know!!! What's a man to do in a case like this?

 Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....my neighbor fired up his BBQ grill. It was sit'n on his porch between a pile of cardboard boxes an' other combustible stuff. Mostly beer boxes 'cause he drinked beer. Didn't know he drinked till I say him sober one day. I smells smoke. When I looks over to his house, the porch was on fire. Not a little fire, I'm talk'n fire....all the ways up to the roof line. The guy was no where around. I grabs up his water hose and set to work as a volunteer fireman....squirt'n water on them roar'n flames an' throw'n burn'n boxes out in the yard. Fires out. The guy makes an appearance. "What the hell" he says "my porch is on fire". Turns around an' goes back inside.

What start out as a beautiful day a couple hours ago has turned into a dreary look'n day. Sunshine is done gone and of course, the wind is blow'n. I'm think'n I don't like wind at this point in my life.



  1. No Billy Bob you failed to mention that tad bit of information...

    Love the stories you weave in your head but for your information Mexican chicken and pork are not allowed into the United States.

    However Mexico does allow American chicken to be sold at its grocery stores and it is a hot selling commodity I might add.

    You mean your neighbor was so drunk he did not even thank you? Hope you at least scored some of beer for your troubles :)

  2. I tried to be as delicate as I could bout the Mexican chicken. Where I'm located, even the meat market down the road has "stale" meats. Lady in Columbus New Mexico would bring back meats from Mexico labeled as "dog food".

    No he didn't thank me. A few days later he did when he was sober.

  3. You and I must be living on the same wave length. I had the same BBQ as you have, worked ok until the burner rusted away. I started looking for one that would not rust and found just what I was looking for at Lowe's. It is a Master Forge all stainless steel and I hook it up to a 5 gal bottle and it works great. Lowe's item # 304040 or model# TG2036701-MF. I think I payed around $75.00 for it and it fits in that small compartment at the back of your big slideout. about once a year I buy a can of oven cleaner and give it a bath and it comes out looking like new.

  4. The ole guy I bought my trailer from told me when your pulling it down the road add a couple bags of ice in the tanks to clean them as your going down the road. The ice sloshs around in them tanks and cleans them up. It should work for a RV as your driving down the road going from one camp site to another. I haven't tried it since my trailer is parked out in West Texas but it sounds like it might work.

  5. butterbean carpenterFebruary 19, 2013 at 7:21 PM

    Howdy #1BB,
    Ain't there no stick-ups you can tie to out there so you don't get blowed over the border??? I'm gettin' frusturated just sittin' here waitin' for you to go fishin' and catch that there LUNKER!!! If you wait much longer all of them sows is gonna lay their eggs and lose 2-3#s!!!! They're the biggest in February!!!! I have NEVER seen a barbque pit NOT CATCH FIRE!!! That what they make squirt bottles and fire extinguishers for, of course you have to knock the soda of'n the meat when you use one!!! Just do it like the Indians did; stick a limb thru it and hold it over the flames!!! If'n you get tooo flusterated go hit a bunch of whackin' balls!!! Tell Son Robert, the worker, IT TASTES GOOD!!!!

  6. Hate when the chicken get burnt. Not so any more on my Weber Q100. Heat up grill14 minutes on high, turn down to 1/3 temp put chicken on and close the lid and works great.
    Those Mexican chickens do have a different taste thou usually very yellow color when we travelled in Mexico.

  7. Early on in our full timing adventure we learned the hard expensive way to not allow the black water tank to build up solids. That was 7 yrs ago about now and the education cost $300 I think.

    Since then whenever we park for more than a week or two, I use a house septic tank powdered (bacteria type) helper by sprinkling a bit, maybe a level teaspoon into the toilet bowl after I dump the black tank. IIRC the container treats a 2500 gal tank. Then after I sprinkle it I fill the bowl with water and flush it (I don't like the idea of breathing any of it...). Then I repeat the filling the bowl and flushing part a couple more times. That keeps the tank 'working' and dumping completely each time.