Thursday, February 14, 2013

Propane guy came today

Just to clarify......Displaying of the flag of Texas.

Sec. 3100.055.  
(a)  If it is necessary for the state flag and the flag of 
the United States to be displayed on the same flagpole or 
flagstaff, the United States flag should be above the state flag.

Well yeah I went to town. Stop off at the propane sell'n place and the propane guy is gonna be here this morn'n to fill me up with gas. That what he said anyhows.
Then I go to the hardware store an' buy me up some PVC pipe for the new flag pole. What is proudly display'n both my flags. I rekon I could go outside an' take a pic for ya.
Hold on....be right back.
Well hot damn, now ain't that one fine look'n flag pole? Think'n I might aughter do some maintenance on that solar powered lantern. Maybe paint it a purty yaller....or something like that. That lantern is used as a balance for the flag pole. Comes on all by it self once the sun goes down. Don't take much weight for balance with the design of the pole. Anyhows......

Ok, last night was the last day of winter. Was a cold one I betcha.....43 degs this morn'n. "Where the hell is my heavy blanket"? That was at 4am when I notice I was freez'n to death. Had goose bumps an' stuff like that. Dream'n bout snow and iced tea. Had to pee.

I were sit'n over there on the couch last night an' got to think'n bout birthdays. I had me a quite a few of 'em ya know, but I had more than what I s'posed to be hav'n. Many time, in my younger years, I would tell everbody it were my birthday when it weren't. Mostly when I was lit up a little bit sit'n in a bar sip'n a cold one. Me an' my lady friend, we went to this county western bar down the street to do some "rug cut'n" an' "suds sip'n". There were a good crowd of bout a hunnert danc'n fools that night, cotton eye joe, Texas two step, git down an' dirty....stuff like that. Well the nice county western lady what was sing'n says...."who has a birthday today"? I jumps up an' shouts...."me, me, I do". She says...."what's yer name cowboy"? Well shoot....I says...."My name is Billy, jist call me Billy Bob". Then she sings Happy Birthday Billy Bob....an' they bringed me a free birthday beer too. Just when she were bout finish sing'n, I jumps back up an' shouts...."NO, NO, WAIT, It ain't my birthday. I thought you said....Who wants another beer". That weren't the first time I ever pull that trick. But of course, everbody done got me figger out after a few times of do'n that. 

Ok.....took a break....watch'n for propane guy. Got me a full tank again.

Ain't got much of anything planned for the day. Maybe run over to the lake an' look at the water. Let Sadie Mae run wild in the bushes. Check out my rock. Might even take the "billy bike" with me an' do some ride'n round the park. Get me some exercise.


  1. I was told that Texas is the only state that can fly the state flag at equal height as the federal flag because we were the only state that used to be its own country. Did they change that?

  2. Current lake information for Falcon Lake

    Should be good fishing for the Ingram Bass Club Tournament which is from February 16-17, 2013 (this weekend) at Falcon Lake.

  3. butterbean carpenterFebruary 14, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    Howdy BB,
    Didn't mean to start nuthin' about 'flyin'' the flag, correctly, but THE FLAG OF THE NATION OF TEXAS don't fly under ANYBODY'S!!!!!!!!!
    Did you REALLY do that birthday scam??? That sounds like something you'd do, though!!! hee hee hee

    Have you got to try out the 'modified' boat, yet??? GO CATCH A 14# BASS!!!!

  4. Does Fedx and UPS deliver out there also??? I never thought to check when I was there.

  5. It would be just like you to pull a stunt like that :D

    I had a friend who made us go up to the band and tell them it was her birthday so they could dedicate songs to her all night long. Crazy woman!

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