Monday, February 18, 2013

*Update* Blocked or not blocked????

So you didn't think the wind could blow a hunnert mile a hour? Well I'm here to tell ya.....yeah it can. From noon yesterday to midnight it never slacked up a bit. It blowed hard.

Boy howdy, the older ya get, the longer the evenings are and the shorter the nights are. A few year ago, I would go to bed right bout 10pm an' get up at round 6 or 7am. That gave me plenty of much needed beauty sleep. Then as I growed a little older, I start go'n to bed at 11pm and 12pm. Well, last night I must have been a hunnert year old 'cause I were still up at 2am. Eye balls jist look'n round the place, mind go'n a hunnert mile a hour. There weren't no way I could go to sleep. When I finally did, I waked up a hour later hav'n to do that bladder reduction exercise we all heard about years ago. If'n you're old, ya know what I'm talk'n bout.

Think'n bout stuff, that what did it. Every night after I lay down my cowboy books, I take me a "think'n break" before I jump under the covers. Well, last nights "think'n break" turned into a nightmare. I just got too much stuff on my mind. Too many hows, whys, wheres and whens clog up my mind an' spill over into my "go to sleep" brain receptors.....or something like that. Last night was no exception.

Ya see, I got a problem. One time last year when I went to drain my black water tank, nuttin come out. It were blocked up. Well, it's been a while since I drained the tank and I'm worried it may be blocked up again. I have my reasons for this worry, but we ain't gonna go into them right now. That's part of the why that I was up so late last night. But the main thing that kept my mind aglow was the how. If the tank is blocked up an' the "stuff" won't come out, how can I unblock it??? But I may be putting the horse before the cart. I don't know that it's blocked or not 'cause I ain't tried to drain it.  "Jesus Billy Bob, go to the State Park and attempt to drain it before ya lose any more sleep".

So.....that's on the agenda for today. Wish me luck. 
12:30 oclock. Hot damn Billy Bob, that poop come out that black water tank slicker an' owl poop.
For those RV'ers not in the know, you can dump waste tanks at any Texas State Park with a day pass. How much a day pass cost? Well that all depend. Normal day pass fees for youngsters under 65 are bout $4 to gain access to the park. Now if'n you got a senior discount pass (free if over 65), it's half price. Or you could buy a Texas State Parks pass for bout $70 a year and pay no day use fees. Not a bad price to pay to dump those nasty tanks.

While I was driv'n round the State Park, I see fish'n boats all over the place out there on the lake. But they weren't blow up boats. Wind is still a little bit too much for me to launch the "bubba boat", so that's out for the day.

Think I'll grill me up some more that chicken like I did the other day. Since ever'thing I cook tastes like chicken, it might as well cook chicken. Maybe even catch it afire again. My son Robert tole me one time...."you ain't gonna eat that are ya daddy"???  


  1. Good luck unstopping the tank drainage. Gotta be a mess and I don't have a clue about how to clear it, except maybe running a hose up in there...sorta like an enema!

    Good luck with it!

    1. LOL Jim, if'n I did that I would be sure to video the event. Funniest Home Videos would love it.

  2. I bet those fish in Falcon Lake are getting hungry for some lizard.

  3. I was told to dump a whole bunch of ice cubes in it and drive real fast over a bumpy road. Should scour that tank plumb clean and shiny. Then dump it before it knows what is going on.

  4. I know what you mean about thinking about all the issues and problems at night and then not being able to go to sleep. Then if you do, you dream about those problems :(

    Glad everything worked out...you being handy and all...have you ever considered building you a compost toilet like many of the people in Terlingua have?