Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still down in the back

Is that rain I see mak'n little speckle marks on the windshield? Why it sure was....for bout 3 minutes or so. From all the lightning I seen last night, I figgered we would have a downpour. Track mud in "da house".

Yesterday was a miserable day at Billy Bob's house. The old back has got me down. You know....lay on the floor.....don't do nuttin. I'm think'n bout 4 days of "do'n nuttin" might be the perfect remedy to get back to "feel'n good". Although....I do feel better this morn'n. No leg pains yet.

Constructed a new mount for that fish finder gizmo yesterday. Ain't the prettiest piece of art work, but it'll do the job. In fact, I was so proud, I took the "bubba boat" to the lake to try it out. Well, by the time I got to the lake an back up to the shoreline, the wind was blow'n. So I just sat there.....look'n at water an' day dream'n.

Checked out the "rock". It's way the hell out there now.

I'm think'n the lake has come up bout 3 or 4 feet since I put that rock on the shoreline. All them tree stumps and stuff is out in the water now, so fish'n should be get'n good before long. I'm ready.

There's a little place up the road a piece where me an' Sadie Mae has been want'n to go visit. Maybe today we'll take a ride up there.....just to look ya know. Check out the fish'n possibilities. Take some pics....stuff like that.

Did you see the gas prices??? Holy crap, every time Obama makes a speech, gas prices go up. Maybe ya ain't never notice that, but the old Billy Bob has. I keep close tabs on that guy.
Anyhows.....when I went to town the other day, "that jeep" was get'n low on gas. I notice the gas was $3.26. I'll get gas on the way back. After finish'n laundry, I headed back north. Holy crap, gas was up to $3.36.....in less than 2 hours. So what's the deal???

Ok, so ya don't like my monkey. Well, I'm sorry, but I think that's one cool look'n monkey and he deserves a chance at world recognition. That's bout all I have to say bout that.


  1. Gotta get that back feeling better, no fun for sure.

  2. You probably need a muscle relaxer, but you would need a doctor to write a prescription. I take it you don't want to see a doctor? Are there any Urgent Care facilities near you? They try to take care of your immediate problem - pain - and not schedule a whole bunch of tests.

  3. Yea BB the Old Man Barney went to one when he was down your way bout 3 or more weeks ago. And I love the Monkey Businessmen Scream...And for those gas prices at least for me on the east coast diesel is dropping and just in time for my trip to Naples Fl. Looking for those Red Fish you know. I would send you some of those pills Gypsy was talking bout but they lock my butt up for sure. Keep flat and do some of that Yogi stuff, keeps my G/F young for this old man.