Friday, February 15, 2013

Retirement guilt

Well, here it is another day already. Sometimes I wonder where yesterday went.

Hell no I didn't take the "billy bike" to the State park yesterday. You think I'm crazy or something? It's still tied up to that tree out there in the yard. In fact, I don't think I did anything yesterday.

I were sit'n there on the couch an' got to think'n.....damn, this is a good life. I found out that being retired, liv'n in a motorhome, travel'n all round the country ain't really all what it's cracked up to be....if'n ya ain't enjoy'n it. When I changed my profession from "salve worker" to "retirement", I was much younger. I were all excitis bout travel'n, see'n stuff, do'n what ever I damn well pleased. But after a while, all that stuff got old. More like work. But last night it struck me that I'm liv'n the good life no matter how ya look at it....even when I ain't do'n nuttin.  Ain't got no bills to pay every month. Go anywheres I want. Stay as long as I want. Keep the "toy" box filled up with what ever I want. Sit on my ass "do'n nuttin". Yee haw!!!, ain't life great?

Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty when I ain't "on the road again", see'n stuff, tak'n pictures, spend'n $500 a month on gasoline, pay'n outrageous camp'n fees....stuff like that. Well shoot, I already done did all that stuff and now all I want to do is sit back an' be comfortable....an' be'n comfortable "do'n nuttin" suits me just fine. I can't please everbody with what I write about....although that would be nice, I'm comfortable with what I'm do'n an' that what matters most. Shoot, give me a good cup of coffee, a little sunshine, a place to sit down in the shade of a old oak tree, a good cowboy book to read, do a little think'n....I'm good to go.  

Ok, here's what I did. Just bout sundown, after the solar panels quit work'n, I went out and turned the inverter off. What ya mean you don't know what a inverter is? It's a little box look'n thingy what hooks up to the batteries and converts 12 volts to 115 volts so's ya can run table saws, vacuum cleaners, coffee pots, 500 watt sound systems.....stuff like that. Well anyhows, I watch the battery voltage all night long till I go to bed. Hmmmm.....it's higher than what it has been for the last couple months. Maybe I found what is draw'n too much electricity from my batteries. One more thing I notice, that damn charge controller went ape on me again yesterday morn'n. Register'n weird voltages again. Maybe it were just cold. "One these days Edith"!!!!

It's a mighty fine look'n day outside this morn'n. Only got down to 47 degs last night, but the damn wind is already kick'n up....just when I were think'n bout go'n fish'n. Fish'n report says the fish is up in the shallows, but ain't very many of 'em are hungry. They says spinner baits, flukes and lizards. Hmmmmm, I got me some of them.
Update.....30 minutes later: Sunshine is gone.....poooof, just like that. Wind blow'n a hunnert mile a hour (10 to 15mph).

Ok, I got things to do. Don't know what, but I got to "do something".


  1. Nuttin' to feel guilty about. As long as life is good wherever we are and whatever we are doing . . . then it's good! I sometimes feel like we should be traveling instead of sitting still, but then again, where we are and what we are doing is . . . good! :)

  2. Billy Bob as long as you are happy doing what you are doing that is all that matters.

    I love your stories and your unique way of writing your blog whether you are moving or stationary. Your post always bring a smile and/or hysterical laughter my way :D

  3. A golf course awaits you up in Zapata. They even have electric carts so you can ride.

  4. I don't feel bad when I do nothing, even when my wife tries to make me feel guilty.

  5. butterbean carpenterFebruary 15, 2013 at 8:49 PM

    Howdy BB#1,

    Boy, are you feeling guilty about doin' nuttin' while I'm asittin' here doin' nuttin' too, also... Joyce is out haulin' feed & hay to them little miniature hosses of hers... Of course they started off mine, but when I got to fallin' down and got this wheelchair, I just up and told her the whole place belonged to her 'cause I wasn't worth a damn anymore and couldn't help her any; well, I can fill water tubs, WHEN IT AIN'T MUDDY and the wheelchair won't get stuck; but then I stuck that sucker in the 4" deep DUST!!!
    If them 14# bass are comin' into the shallers to spawn you had better do like the OFM and bank fish and catch a couple!!! You don't need no Bubba boat to bank fish!!!

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