Sunday, February 10, 2013

Broke again

Sure did hate to put that monkey back in his cage, but when it scare the kiddies, it got to go. The replacement header photo is of my camp site at the "slabs" a couple years ago. 

Ok, the "spud gun from hell" is considered an assault weapon in the State of Texas. Well, maybe not an assault weapon, but it is considered a firearm. What the hell?....we talk'n taters an' vegetables here, not freak'n guided missiles an' cannon balls.
"So what other questionable "it can hurt ya" project comes to mind Billy Bob"???? "Hey Bubba, watch this".

Ok....speak'n of projects an' fix'n stuff. Well I done went an' did it up good this time. Yup, I took that high dollar solar charge controller plumb apart again. Well damn, that was a mistake. Don't know what I done to it, but now it don't register the correct, or even close to the correct voltage of the batteries. And it don't seem to charge no more. I'm think'n I probly broke it purty good this time. 
 Old people need to leave this kind of stuff to the professionals. But I bet ya a dollar I gonna be take'n it apart again before the day is out.

Is Billy Bob's Place a travel blog? Well, not really. Although I do travel around a little bit. So what the hell kind of blog is it? I'm think'n it's mostly nonsense like what it says at the top in the title. It's about Billy Bob. The adventures and misadventures, whether they are bout travels or just bout stuff I do every day....my daily life. What is a misadventure in it's self. But it's fun, ain't it? I like these kinds of blogs what leaves no questions bout the sanity of the person what's writ'n 'em. Of which I am of sound mind ya know.

Boy howdy, holy cows....damn. Did you hear the wind blow'n last night? I'm here to tell ya that it blowed a hunnert mile a hour at Billy Bob's house last night. It were howl'n. Now this morn'n, ain't nuttin but a little breeze out there. Get'n some sunshine ever once in a while. Nice an' warm at 79 degs. Low last night 67 degs. Cain't beat that with a stik. Maybe I'll stick around for a little while longer.

For all those that don't know where the old Billy Bob is at, I way to hell down on the southern tip of the great State of Texas, right on the Rio Grande river. Camped at the County Park in Falcon Heights....free camp'n with free water. Just over there bout a mile or so is Falcon Lake and Falcon State Park (Google is your best friend). That where ya catches up big ol' bass fish ya know. Wild critters roam all over the the State Park, but there ain't none in the County Park. Just a few cats what Sadie Mae likes to chase. Sadie Mae is my dawg ya know.

Ok, got stuff to do....break something.....Laters!


  1. I too have the same controller and gives funny readings, but seems to be working (I think).
    Gonna see if you can fix it, you can show me how.

    1. That's funny.....show you how to fix yours. We talk'n electronics here an' I don't no nuttin bout that stuff.

    2. Well it was worth a try, guess we need a new one maybe.

  2. It may take a really big hammer to fix it, BB. But I know you can do it.

  3. BB, i enjoy your blog, it's always good for a laugh, keep up your blogging, i'd miss you if you didn't.

    I love the new header pic, were planning to hit the slabs before heading North this winter .. try not to rack your brain to hard working on that control thingy :)

  4. I replaced my cheap controller sun force 30 amp (which I gave to a friend) with a rogue MPT 3024, MPPT, AND AFTER A COUPLE MONTHS I THOUGHT IT HAD DIED, thought giving away the cheap one might have been a mistake, I contacted Rogue and was told it probably just needed firmware update. Sent it in and a week later got it back with update done, works fine ever since. Cost me shipping to them, less then 5 dollars.

  5. Love that header pic! Yeah, monkeys scare me almost worse than clowns.

    Is it a weapon if it shoots tomatoes? Maybe you could just change the ammo.. Wonder how far an artichoke would fly? Wait, that could be deadly.. Anyway, love your blog.


  6. Please tell the OFM , that the tool he is trying to identify today 02/10/13
    is called a snaffle. It a bit that goes in a horses mouth to hook the reins on to. Couldn"t post this answer on OFM's site Gracias !

  7. It is because of things like this that I could never go off in an RV...I would have to pay through the nose to get things fixed as I know nothing about electronics :(

  8. Hey Billy Bob. Catching up with recent posts; btw, won't you quit making me spew my coffee? Please. As for sciatica, ever considered acupunture? It really helped mine for a full year. Expensive but well worth it.