Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Golf ball swak'n with Barney

Ok, it was chilly again last night. But I want you take a look outside this morn'n. Absolutely beautiful. This is gonna be a good day for the old Billy Bob and friends.

So what do ya do when ya don't feel like do'n nuttin constructive? Well shoot, ya go play a round of golf.....right? Me an' OFM Barney have a 11am appointment to go swak a few golf'n balls. It's been a while, right bout three months, since we got together on the golf course, so there ain't no tell'n what gonna happen. I'm think'n "Funniest Home Videos".

The other day I bought me up a little pencil solder iron thingy so's I can work on my solar charge controller. Has anybody seen my little solder iron thingy? How the crap can something like that be "lost"? I mean, like where the hell could I have put it? I'm old ya know. Forget stuff.

Picked up a whole bunch of oil filters yesterday at the auto parts sell'n place. Also fount a solder sucker....but that's another story. Yup, it's oil change time at Billy Bob's house...."Sally da house", the Onan generator and "that jeep". I do this once a year rather it needs it or not. Now if'n I can only talk nephew Joseph to crawl up under there, I will have done a good job. He can do in a hour what would take me a whole day. I'm old ya know.

Ok, here's the deal on the new laptop computer. This thing is fast. But I done lock it up one time already. The old Billy Bob like to push all them buttons an' stuff like that. Do I like Windows 8??? I don't think so. But then, like anything new, I don't like it. There ain't a bunch I can tell ya bout it other than it's brand spank'n new.
Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7332 with Windows 8
AMD A6-4400M processor
6.00 GB internal memory (RAM)
64 bit operating system.....what ever that means.
600 GB hard drive

That's all I can tell ya this new computer. It works....I'm happy. But I bet ya a dollar I gonna find some other stuff on it that will get me all jump'n up an' down excitis. Like maybe all them apps they got on there. Wonder what they do?  What the hell is a app???

I rekon I'll jump on the repair to the solar charge controller this afternoon. Unless something more important comes up. You know....like a nap. If'n my repair fails, I can have a brand spank'n new controller delivered right to my door in bout three days.

Ok, I got an appointment here in bout a hour. And I ain't ready to go. "Go brush yer hair Billy Bob, ya look like a wild man from out of the swamps". 



  1. I would probably try those apps just to see what they were, and then get rid of the ones I wouldn't ever use. That computer screen is pretty "busy" as it is. I hope you like the computer, and the fact that it's fast is a good reason to like it.

  2. Have to much fun wakin them balls, good day for it.

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    1. Dag nab it, why ain't blogger catch'n these spam comments??? Two in one day???? That's too much.

  4. Maybe it could be set to work like normal? Not all those apps all over the place. I watched a tutorial about win8, and no way did I like it,,no start,,,lol. Hidden.

  5. Windows 95 and Windows 98 rocks.

  6. I don't play golf but I would imagine that you would prefere to make your drive down wind, if possible.

  7. Isn't nephew Joseph busy helping his wife with the new born?

  8. Well BB the 1st thing wrong with the Toshiba Satellite is that AMD A6-4400M processor. It's like trying to pull a 19K 5er with a Gas F-150. Just my thoughts on them AMD's... Good luck with the oil.