Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bad back history

There ain't no use lying to ya, I didn't do nuttin yesterday like I said I was gonna do.

Ya see, I was all slicked out in my bibs, straw hat and sandals headed for "that jeep" to take a ride. Half ways to "that jeep" is a camp chair. That as far as I made it. I sit's down an' says....."damn, that hurts".
So, the entire day was spent on my back side.

The first time I "busted" my back was back in '80. I was work'n at Taco Bell in Huntington, WVa. install'n a new vent hood over the friers and stove thingy. I was up on a ladder. Behind me was a mop bucket. Step'n off the second step, my right heel caught the edge of that mop bucket. Mop water all over the floor and I landed on my ass. Two discs were ruptured and I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, on the floor for 6 months....and wanted to die. The worstest pain I could ever imagine.....sciatica. Giv'n birth to a 14 pounds child would'a been a piece of cake.

The second time was in '88 while work'n at The University of Texas in Port Aransas assembling a walk in freezer. Same two discs were crushed again. Although not as bad a ingury as the first, I was in sever pain for 3 months through back manipulation and therapy. Again I healed to some extent.

Last and final injury was in Dec '99 chang'n out a 7 1/2 HP air cond compressor on the University of Texas research vessel "Longhorn". MRI and Catscans showed two crushed discs and a torn ligament. Three months of workmans comp and hours upon hours of manipulation and therapy left me in the condition I am today. I never healed. My height has decreased 2 inches and I am in constant never end'n hip pain.

Surgery has been suggested, but not recommended. So what am I to do??? A little research on the subject has led me to believe that possibly mico surgery may be the answer.

So there you have it. That's why Billy Bob whines an' bitches bout his "bad back".

I waked up at 5:30 this morn'n think'n "what the hell, it's dark outside". I were plan'n on go'n back to bed but decided to stay up and see the world from a different view.....the dark side. Well shoot, ya cain't see nuttin when it's dark. Now that I been up for over three hours, it's foggy out there. Cain't see nuttin in fog neither. So today ain't look'n too good. What the hell, retirement is supposed to be fun.    


  1. Good Mornin' BB. I'm sorry you hurt. Nothing is more upsetting than the feeling of helplessness-----want to help but don't know how!
    Going today to see if my "old man" will be advised to have surgery. Otherwise, the only thing he's found that helps is Naproxen. He takes one, then, when the pain lessens, he goes for a walk. He says it's ants biting all the way down his leg when he stands for a while. I wonder if micro surgery would work for you. Hope your day gets better.

  2. See this every day, BB, and if micro surgery will help,,,go do it. What will you lose?

  3. I wonder if a brace would help the pain. Ah shucks, I bet you would forget all about it if you had an eighteen pound bass on the other end of your line. . . (grin)

  4. Holy crapola, BBob! Sorry about the pain and anxiety of worrying about your future as an independent soul. I've had surgery, too. Just one. It's O.K., except if I do something stupid. Any neuro-surgeon could fix you up in a hurry, put some titanium pins in there, and you'd be good to go.

    Grandma is out of the nursing home today and as soon as we saw the picture of the MONKEY we laughed. Wasn't any nurse to hurry and shut the door. That poor animal is a wonton sight!!!

    Good luck to you. If you decide to have 'em come get you, we'll all be here waiting for you to get back and fill us in. :-)

    Randall in Florida

  5. If you can get the Laser Knife surgery go for it BB, G/F a RN for over 40 years back is killing her from rolling those 300+ ponderers over and she is thinking about it. GoodLuck

  6. Catching fish solves a lot of problems....

  7. The common thread seems to be "W*O*R*K" huh? Stop doing work and your back will be fine again?

    Either that or a big bottle of whiskey?

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard