Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hunnert mile a hour winds

Well, it ain't so bad, depend'n on how ya look at it. That little cold snap we got last night (46 degs) is done long gone. Don't know where it went, but it up to 70 degs with a little bit of sunshine ever once in a while. But the wind is blow'n well over a hunnert mile a hour. Supposed to be high winds for the next few days....'cord'n to the weather forecast thingy.

Now maybe that don't sound too bad for some ya, but the old Billy Bob ain't at all happy bout hunnert mile a hour winds....or freez'n to death neither. If'n ya ever been down in this neck of the woods, you're well aware that there ain't a damn thing to do here if'n ya can't go fish'n. Well, I guess you could go outside an' fly a kite. But that ain't what I'm here for. I got to get my skinny ass out there on the lake in the "bubba boat" an' catch me up a 14 pounds bass. That's what I'm here for ya know. Well, the warm weather in south Texas has a little something to do with it too. Any time it only get down to the upper 30's onest or twice at night time, an' up to 80 in the day time, you in some kind of a winter paradise.

Ok. So how much is a almost maintenance free floor worth to ya??? For the old Billy Bob, it's worth a million dollars. Well, maybe not that much, but you know what I'm talk'n bout. I don't like to sweep an' mop a friggin floor every other day (put that in the same category as do'n dishes). Ya already know bout all that.

So's I done me some research. Have ya ever hear bout "loose lay" vinyl sheet floor'n? Ya don't glue it down. Ya just throw it on the floor an' it's done....poooof, just like that. A special double sided floor'n adhesive tape is used on the edges. Jim mentioned that in the comments yesterday. Now this stuff ain't cheap by no means, but it's way less than a million dollars. What I ain't got that much no hows. I'll be check'n out this "loose lay" vinyl floor'n stuff when I get back to the Corpus Christi area.

Speak'n of Corpus Christi.....the only reason I ain't there right now is cause I ain't catched me no bass fish yet. An' the only reason I ain't catched none is 'cause it's been a mite too cold and too damn windy to put the "bubba boat in the water......here at Falcon Lake in south Texas....(jist in case ya forgot where I'm at).
Got me a few little projects what I want an' need to take care of when I get back up that way, an' there ain't no ways in hell I can do them till I'm back to civilization. In the mean time, I'll just sit back "do'n nuttin", what ain't on my top ten list of priorities.

Grill me up some chicken last night. That damn Walmart China grill piss me off. Catched my chicken slap on fire again. But I ate it anyhows. There's something bout burnt chicken ya gotta love.


  1. BB, speaking about grilling, my Daddy always told me that a good work man never blames his tools.

  2. Put a loose lay floor in our housebathroom about 2 years ago..easy to install and maintain BUT......still gotta cleanit regularly.

  3. Hey BB..Is Bass good eating?? How about a 14# one? I've only eaten Salmon and Tuna. I don't fish in the water, just Safeway..Too many rules, about the size of a Seattle phone book. Costs too much for the license also. One time I was in a local campground just looking at the river and this guy comes up, all puffed-up, and asks "how's the fishing?"..I look around and he's talking to me.
    I have no pole..reel...bait..nothing..He then pulls out his shiny big tough-guy badge. And tells me the river is closed right here and if he catches me fishing it's a million $$$$ fine...Wow, now I really want to go fishn'..Nope..

    1. UpRiver Dave
      Don't let the A hole's of the world run your life. If you want to fish get out and do it....