Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Broke back/broke boat

Nothing on Facebook, nothing on the news, no new emails, read all the blogs..."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? Just another typical morn'n. That's what I do every morn'n, but maybe not in that order. Then I sit down and attempt to write something interesting on my blog.

Ok, what the hell did I do this time? Thin skin....that's what it is. People have thin skin.

Been stay'n away from mention of my health issues, but today, we gonna be talk'n bout back problems. Seems these days, everbody has bad backs of some sort or another. Some worster than others. But back problems are hidden pain what some people cain't comprehend or just don't have any understanding at all.

Yesterday, me an' Sadie Mae went boat ride'n (more on this later).  Everthing was fine. Well, until I got back to camp when my back went completely out. Ya see, I was hang'n up the "bubba boat" to wash it out and let it dry (more on that later). A sharp pain in my right hip an' I went to the ground....freak'n leg. The whole evening I was in severe....hurt like hell pain...all the ways down to my toes. First thing I did was take me up a hand full of aspirin. That helped, but I were still very uncomfortable either sit'n or stand'n. Even tried some pain relieving rub....what helped a little bit. Anyhows, when I waked up this morn'n....."holy crap, my hip hurts".

I broke my boat. Well, not really broke it, but that little thingy what was mounted on the troll'n motor for the fish finder is now dangling....broke the mount slap off. So that's the project for today. Make a new mount.

Me an' Sadie Mae arrived at the lake at a new boat launch'n place. Sadie Mae had no idea what we was gonna do, only that she took a ride in "that jeep" to the lake. As soon as I lugged the "bubba boat" out the back an' start to blow it up, Sadie Mae jump back in the car and didn't come back out. She knows. Took right at 18 minutes, accord'n to Timex, and the "bubba boat" was ready for open waters. Sadie Mae is still in the car. I throwed her in the "bubba boat" an' we was gone.....fish'n.

It was hot....right bout 87 degs an' very little wind. Water temp was 67 degs. We headed for that little island out there where 3 other boats was fish'n. Tree limbs an' weeds stick'n out the water. We gonna catch us up some fish. Wrong!!! There weren't no fish. Well maybe there was 1, what I didn't catch. For 2 hour me an' Sadie Mae searched them waters for fish. There weren't no fish. Won't be fish'n there no more.

How do ya hang a boat? Well, if'n it's a Sevylor blow up canoe, ya don't hang it with no air in the bladders. Ya see, when I hanged it up to wash out the sand, mud an' sticks and let it dry, all the air bladders went to the lowest end...in a wad. Took me a freak'n hour to get them back in place. Never do that again.  

Feller by the name of Bill showed up at Falcon Heights County Park, long with his wife....now what the hell was her name?, an' their two dogs. Big ol' 18 wheeler look'n truck, a long 5th wheel and a boat towed behind that. Louie says he's a cowboy from Wyoming. Ok.....now what? He's got a boat.....yee haw!!! Maybe the two Bills will go out an' catch some fish in his boat since I ain't catched none in my boat. Will post a photo of his camp....but not today. Always good to meet people with like minds.

Life is good.....do something.  


  1. Hate when I hurt my back, which seems to happen quite often. Take care of yourself and your back and catch up a whole mess of big ole bass, you hear?

  2. I DO hope your back is better today! The older we get, the more fragile we get. A real bummer. My husband has an appointment this week to schedule back surgery. He has lots of those right leg/hip pains. Dye MRI showed a herniated disc. Hoping for a better future. Please take care of yourself.

  3. My back pain is the limiting factor in all this packing. I have to stop and rest it or it hurts on the right side. Luckily no leg pain, for which I count my blessings.

  4. Sounds like your back is gettin a bit better. Now go catch some fish.

  5. I feel for you Billy Bob, i have a bad back and i know exactly how the hip, leg and toe pain is... it's no fun .. take care of that back and catch some fish so you can share some pictures like OFM .. Sadie Mae doesn't seem to like your modifications to the bubba boat .. lol

  6. The TV said you were getting lots of rain down there. They even mentioned Falcon Lake. Hope you get through it OK.

  7. Hey BB, Is that header a new picture of you when you were yonger?

  8. jajajaja...like I said before Sadie Mae is a smart dog...must be a reason why she doesn't like the Bubba boat no more :D

    1. I get that is what Sadie Mae wanted to do but BB put her ass in that rubber duckie thing anywho and away they go.....