Monday, February 4, 2013

Modify'n modifications

Well shoot, danged spammers are mess'n with the Billy Bob. It ain't like it's some kind of a problem what's gonna screw up everbody's computers, but it's got people skeered. Fear of the unknown...."what if I click that link"? So what to do about it? Forbid anonymous comments?? Oh no, I have some anony followers that just tickle hell out me with their comments. Best advice I can give is "ignore" the crap, write a comment and go on with your day.

Went off to town yesterday with a big ol' basket full of stink'n clothes to wash. When I got to the laundromat in Roma, there was a hunnert cars parked outside. I says to Sadie Mae..."wanna take a ride to Rio Grande City"??? She says...."yeah yeah, let's go to Rio Grande City". And that's where we washed that big ol' basket of stink'n clothes. Fold 'em all up an' head back to Roma for a quick stop at the local hardware store.

Sometimes it's necessary to modify modifications. Ya see, the troll'n motor mount bracket on the "bubba boat" is old.....two years old. The sun has warped it (PVC plastic pipe) and needs replaced with brand spank'n new "pretty" pipe. By the time I got them clean clothes all put up an' a fresh pot of coffee brew'n, I had tools spread out all over the yard. An hour later, I had me a brand spank'n new "pretty" trolling motor mount for the "bubba boat".
 The old and the new....

Now I'm all excitis again to go try it out. If'n this wind dies down in the next couple hours, you'll find Billy Bob out on the lake go'n a hunnert mile a hour.....fish'n for that elusive 14 pounds bass fish. Leave Sadie Mae in "that jeep"....or force her into the "bubba boat".

Speak'n of boats, them boats I showed ya a few days ago, they would be a perfect fish'n boat for the OFM Barney. Be a good project too.....for hav'n toooo much fun. Speak'n of Barney, he been catch'n up way too many big bass.

Still no news of the gun battle between drug smugglers and the Mexican Federales. It was supposed to have happened at marker #12 at the city of Guerrero on the Mexican side. Well, I look at a map of Falcon Lake and marker #12 is way the hell up the lake bout a hunnert mile (15 to 20 miles) from Billy Bob's house. The shoot'n I heard seemed way more closer....or at least it sounded closer to me. Oh well, no harm to Billy Bob an' crew.
News Flash: I just look at another map. I was right, the shoot'n was very close to Billy Bob's house. Just across the dam a few miles (bout 4) from where I'm camped in Falcon Heights.

Waked up this morn'n to no water. What the hell??? I got coffee to brew ya know. No water situation is all fixed now. Had to use "nasty" water for coffee. Sun is shin'n a hunnert mile a hour this morn'n. Gonna be a beautiful day.

Life is good.


  1. Is it possible to actually catch "way too many big bass"? Seems like a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun though. Beautiful weather up here in the desert.

  2. No Barney just too many trips to get them big ones. But I'm not that lucky with being a Crappie fishing fool...I say bring on the whackers...

    1. I used to be a crappie fishing fool. Loved to catch and eat them devils.

  3. Whatcha mean by "nasty water"?

  4. Hey, BB, I'm seconding the motion: "nasty water"??

    By the by, when one runs out of empty half gallon milk boxes, brine and waterglass to freeze the filets in, you have too many bass (not counting the mess of fish held back to pan fry for supper, of course).

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