Monday, February 25, 2013

Headed to town....$$$$$

Let's take a quick look at the weather this morn'n. At first look, it sucks.....ain't no two ways bout it. I accidently turned on the TV last night an' the weather was on. Holy crap!!! Ain't look'n too good for the next week or so with all them fronts on the way to south Texas. Wind is blow'n bout 20 to 25 mile a hour and .....listen to this, 50 mile a hour expected. That cain't be right....can it???

To hell with the weather, I got things to do. First being, a new computer. Probly spend a day get'n all the fangle stuff figger out what they put on new computers. I suppose it will have Windows 7 or 8 on it, what I don't know the first thing about. Guess it ain't never too late to learn though. Ya know what really piss me off with Windows? All them programs what I ain't never gonna use. And half them start up all by themselves....pop'n up little windows on the screen....stuff like that.

I were gonna try to kill a whole flock of birds with one stone by go'n to umpteen stores pick'n up parts an' stuff. But them I got to think'n....one rock, one bird. Well, if'n I happen to hit two at a time, I rekon that would be OK too. Damn I got lots of stuff to do.

That solar charge controller I was tell'n ya bout, well, I'm gonna try to resolder that doo-dad thingy what is loose. Buy me up a pencil solder iron an' a solder sucker....that should do the trick. It ain't got nuttin to do with $$$$$$'s for a new one....it's "fix it" pride. But I ain't gonna do it today.

Here's what I'm think'n....shoot that HP laptop....blow it all to smithereens. After I remove the two hard drives of course. Will produce a short video if'n I decide to do that. Between a .357 magnum and a shot gun.....damn, I'm get'n all excitis just think'n bout it.

Speak'n of get'n excitis, soon as the weather is nice, I'll be at the golf ball swak'n place knock'n golf balls all over the place. Maybe go down to the greasy eat 'em up place. Anybody wanna show up for the show??? Hee Hee....betcha a buck the OFM Barney will make every effort to be there. Me an' ol' Barney play a good round of golf together. Then we goes off to town an' eat tooo much.

Ok....I'm out of here. May update laters. 


  1. Dump all those extra programs BEFORE you put the new one on line. That way, they won't "update" and stay forever. Good luck!


  2. Even with the Mac that I love there are way more programs than I will ever use. I like Gene's comment about dumping them - for some reason that never occurred to me. I guess I thought the computer police would come after me if I tossed Garage Band or something like that.

  3. Hello, Mr. BB! Discovered your blog from Barney's (OFM)...have gone back to the beginning, and am up to February of last year...also read all the Barnacle Bill stuff. You are one crackerjack, humding'er of a blogger! . ( BBC seems to have fallen overboard, too!) lol RB

  4. I will live vicariously through your video and pretend it is me shooting up my own computer :D

    Winds are horrible up to 48 mph. I was hoping to drive into town but I am not going to chance it with all the debris flying by.

  5. Them damn puters can be a PIA. I'm thinking a shotgun is in order!