Friday, November 18, 2011

Rough days ahead

Boy howdy old Billy Bob is got some think'n to do. The other day when I said I'm "skeered", I was serious as a second hand on a clock. Don't know what I'm gonna do.

Ya see, it's like this.....onest ya get settled in one place as long as I been homestead'n in Deming, it ain't easy to just pack up and head off into rough seas in a little blow up "bubba boat", look'n for an island paradise. It takes a toll on the mind, what sometimes I wonder how much mind I got left. Now don't get me wrong, I know from past experience that everything gonna be all right. It just gonna take some time to get used to being homeless again. Sleep'n under bridges an' stuff like that.

I had planned to get "out of dodge" by the end of the month, but it look'n like it gonna take me longer than expected. Didn't know I had so much to do. Gonna have to go see my doc before I get out of here. Get my records and stuff like that. Still wait'n on my couch to come back to "da house". Try'n to sell "da porch". Got a ton of stuff I gotta haul off to the dumpster. Damn......

Well things ain't look'n good for old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Latest news is he gonna be transferred to Las Cruces almost for certain. He can't walk again, even with his walker. He told me the other day he just wanted to go home and die there....not some old folks home. Will get another update sometime today. Hopefully it will be good news instead of all bad.

Had a visit from a couple ladies from my Yahoo RV Singles group. Been talk to them a long time on the group, but had never met them in person. Kind of the same as meet'n a blogger. By now they should be in Banderra, Texas where they gonna meet up with a couple more group'ers before they head off to Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Ain't life just wonderful?

Ok....head'n off to town....pick up meds and a few eatables. 


  1. "It just gonna take some time to get used to being homeless again." BB wrong attitude. Not limited any more or now my home will be the whole USA is the better attitude. As you know I am stuck in Rockport doing "improvements" to the Team. But it is just one room in my home called THE USA.

  2. Uri and I are homeless.....RV parks won't even take him because of his dog breed......and red tide almost everywhere on the free beaches.

    Last night we slept in a HEB parking lot in Corpus Christi....

  3. Bandera TX!!!! wooohoo,, been there a few times. Nothing but a speck in the road, except for the Silver Dollar,,,When they lost the horse race track, just about did em in.
    Thot ur home was on those wheels,,anywhere it's parked. After all, Sadie Mae's there for you all the time. So,,getemup, moveemon. While you still can.

  4. stamobBB...been reading your post for a while now and thought I would put in my nickes worh (inflation you know) I dearly wish I had the problems you have instesd of the ones I have,,up here in the great(broke) state of Illinois. Just continue on foreward and enjoy life.
    Thanks for the blog, very entertaining..Panhandler

  5. It's not an attitude thing Barney. Ya see when you're a young pup, all full of energy, chas'n a rabbit is just plain fun. Now ya look up under the porch, lay'n there in the shade, is old Yaller, all full of creaks and ailments....just lay'n there....ain't in no hurry to move, ain't got that old git up an' go to keep up with the pups.......

    Good to see ya again Andrea. Ain't gonna be long till all the rv parks are history and nuttin left but big expensive RESORTS...what don't allow any pets. I ain't never camp in a HEB, but boy howdy, let me tell ya bout Walmart.

    Trouble, ain't nuttin wrong with Banderra....that is if'n you're a cowboy. But like everything else, cowboys will be a thing of the past also.

    Anony, I ain't got no problems that can't be solved with the "swish" of a magic wand. You believe in magic wands....right?
    No, I wouldn't trade my problems for someone elses problems. Mine will fit in a Walmart bag.

  6. OH Billy Bob, you don't know how many people envy you and your foot-loose life style. Any of us who own RVs are the luckiest people in the world. You have so many friends and you can count me for one. You have a great sense of humor and love the way you write. Get out of your slump. When you hit the road things will get better.

  7. Billy Bob, just what are you talking about, with Sally the whole world, well almost, is your home. There are hundreds of us that would trade circumstances with you in a minute and give 50 cents change. Ain't no sense in you setting there complaining about all the things you cant, focus on all the things you can.

  8. Sorry about Wayne, a person should be able to pass from this life when and where they want to, in hospitals not so much, that is my opinion! Many would want to be in your position, many are homeless and I mean homeless I know I volunteer and feed them and know what of I speak, you have an alternative life style indeed, of your volution as the word is used, just get happier and you will find a lot of things looking up! Happy Turkey day wherever you will spend it! Keep smiling, enjoy your blog, praying for your friend Wayne..

  9. Git your butt on over to Da Slabs.. there is always something going on, and people to see, and places to drive to and explore. Look at all the day trips we went on with Chili Bob when we were there.. tons of things to see and do and learn about that don't cost much more than a tank of gas.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. I understand how you feel about giving up your long time homestead as I too struggle with cutting the umbelical cord with Houston and life as I have known it for so many years...

    I am sorry to hear about Wayne and hope that he soon gets better.