Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now what????

Now that the solar panel project is complete, I don't know what I'm gonna do next. That "to do" list is get'n shorter so maybe I can take a day off. What ya think?

Cole Front come by for a visit late last night so we gonna sit in "da house" today, sip a cup and jaw a bit.

This work'n stuff sure do tell ya how "tuff" ya are. Well old Billy Bob ain't as tuff as he thought he was. I mean I got hurts on top hurts. I need to take a few days off and "do nuttin". If'n ya ain't been pay'n attention, I ain't let up for 2 weeks fix'n stuff an' upgrading what already there. Remodeling. Fix'n broke stuff. Toss'n stuff to the dumpster. Tote'n big old heavy stuff up an' down ladders. Blow'n up expensive meters. Billy Bob is tired....wored slap out.

And then I got to think'n bout why I do all this stuff. Time is run'n out. I ain't gonna be able to do this stuff much longer. Travel'n is get'n to be too much work an' not enough adventure. ("Life without adventure is just an experience") Just yesterday I was a year older than I was a year ago. Slow'n down an' hurt'n more. But....would I be happier to sit down and never get up again? Never start the engine again??? Well hell no....don't think I would.

For Andrea:
Ain't gonna take time to rewrite history this morn'n. Here is a link to 500 MPH Winds. Hope you enjoy. For those what commented on hurricanes, old Billy Bob been through quite a few.....liv'n on an island (Galveston, Texas and Port Aransas, Texas) and all. Some was intentional....hurricane party ya know. None were life threatening as I may have made it sound like. Most time the hurricanes were far enough away that only strong winds, rain and tide surges were an issue. (Winds bout a hunnert mile a hour, rain by the bucket full and tide surge anywheres from 4 to 8 foots). It's easier to sink a boat than it is to drown the Captain.


  1. lol BB your to do list is like mine, only,,i can always say, it can wait til tomorrow. lol. Do that a lot more,,all the time. Did i read you right? You just had a BD?,,mine is the 10th. Cant even say im getting better any more, just older.

  2. Time runnin' out. Damn, you too huh BB? That's all I been thinkin ' about lately and I ain't sure what to do about it. But, I guess feelin bad about gettin old is better than not feelin anything at all, if ya know what I mean.

  3. Thank you for the link ! What a surprise....well written in your kept from us secret blog....?

    Hmmmm wearing only a cap ? Now, that sounds reasonable....why get your clothes wet in the rain.....

    You are fun and interesting. Too many people are not.