Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgobblin

Boy howdy, seems just like yesterday I was sit'n at the "slabs" brew'n up a big ol' pan of brown sugared marshmellered sweet taters. Candied yams to some ya.....but they ain't yams, they sweet taters.
Some of ya probably have no idea what I'm talk'n when I mention "slabs". If'n ya wanna take a few minutes, just Google slab city one time. Boy howdy, then ya gonna know.
I were look'n round "da house" last night an' there ain't nuttin anywheres I look that matches my brand spank'n new couch. It's a sore thumb. But let's back up for a minute, it ain't a embarrassment like it used to be. I'm too old to worry bout simple things like what freak'n color it is. For Dizzy.....cameras don't always record what the eye sees. With the sunshine, yesterdays photo changed the color from a light tan/brown to a beautiful pumpkin color. I can live with that.

Everybody by now know old Billy Bob gonna change design of stuff. Where do you store all your can goods? If'n ya got a house, ya put them in a freak'n pantry/closet thingy. But if'n ya live in a RV, ya put them anywheres they will fit. Well, I change design of a perfectly good couch to alleviate the can goods problem. A couple cabinet magnets and slide lock thingys and there ya have it. A hunnert pound can goods under there.
NOTE: This is not a political post.
I were watch'n that special on PBS last night. All them singers at a Thanksgiving gathering at the White House or somewheres like that. I done fall head over hill in love with one them ladies what was sing'n to me. Had goose bumps an' all that stuff. Then when it was over, that damn Obama feller get up an' kiss her right on the cheek. What the hell wrong with that guy go'n round kiss on other wimmins? He got his own woman.

I were gonna go in to work this morn'n, but the damn alarm clock got dead batteries. So I just call in sick. No I ain't sick. Feel perty good matter fact. I'm think'n if the sun ever come out, I can get me in a couple hours of "do'n something". Get this rig ready to pull out. Texas bound. Catch me up some fish. Crank up some sounds an' lay on the beach. Vacation in south Texas. Yeah boy howdy, I'm ready....in my mind. I might just make it before the end of the month. What's that.....6 days???

Do ya ever talk to yourself? I ain't talk'n bout in your mind, I'm talk'n out loud to yourself....and then answer yourself. I do that ya know. Have some perty good conversations too. Damn Sadie Mae won't talk to me. All she do is sit there staring at me like "HUH, you talk'n to me"? Now I don't know if talk'n to yourself is normal or not, but it sure do help in mak'n important decisions....hav'n someone else to talk to ya know.

Ok, enough of this nonsense. Got things to do.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving y'all.

YEE HAA!!!! Old Billy Bob is got all his junk load up an ready to roll. I look out there all all the stuff I gonna leave behind an' only one thing breaks my heart...."da porch". That old porch has been a part of me for the last 6 years. Many BS sessions out there on that porch. Many hours of sit'n there in my old easy chair sip'n a cup an' do'n some mighty fine think'n. When ya build something with your own two hands, it becomes like a extra arm grow'n right out the middle your chest. Well, not really an arm. That would look silly as hell walk'n round with three arms. But ya know what I'm talk'n bout.


  1. Fiesty today, huh? Heat up a can of those beans,,,good Thanksgiving dinner, right?
    Have a great day too!!

  2. 73, bright sunshine, light cool breeze and I just got back from playing with my new toy in the clear green water.

  3. I talk to myself all the time. Get some pretty good conversations going. Just finished eating a great big salad and am full, so after I post this comment, I will get back to work. Maybe we can both show up at Barney's door step in a week or so.

  4. Dizzy, it gonna be "or so" before I get as far south as Barney is. Plan to stop off at Lake Amistad (Del Rio) for a few days and possibly Lake Corpus Christi for a few more. Catch me up a batch of fish in the "bubba boat" ya know.

  5. BB, lovin' your blog. Glad you're going to get to God's Country (TX) soon. Can't wait til I'm more mobile one of these days. Looking at a 17' Casita as my new home. :) Keep writing!

  6. Ya.. sometimes when you talk to yourself, it's the only way to have an Intelligent Conversation!

    hey.. that pic musta been from the year before last, saw where Rich N Mary, Seann and Chili Bob's rigs are in that pic. We were over a whole block last winter, right?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Billy Bob Texas will be glad to see you again