Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lost memories....

Have ya ever sit down and wonder what happen to all them old memories of yesteryear? Your childhood, adolescence, teens, young adult, loves of your life, the waning years. Holy cows, everyone should be able to write a book. But what do ya do when ya start lose'n them memories? Are they lost forever in a clouded mind?

It weren't but a few short years ago when old Billy Bob had a clear unclouded mind, membered everything from early childhood up the present day activities and unactivities (I jist make up that word). But where have they gone now that I no longer have that clear and unclouded mind? "Well holy crap Billy Bob, did ya ever think bout writ'n them memories down on a piece of paper"?

About 10 year ago I started a book. It were bout the wonderful memories of my life....good times, bad times, experiences, adventures and misadventures. I wrote stuff down as I remembered them. I laughed and I cried. Then I started blogg'n, tell'n my stories for the whole world to see. It's not a well written autobiography, but it's my story. It's my life. It's true accounts, not fiction as some may believe. Although, I do doctor up some my stories to bring humor and a few laughs along the way, what by no means, does this take away from the truth of the original thought.

 USS Canberra CAG-2...Viet Nam bound
One of four US warships I served to secure our freedoms. (Oct. 1961 - April 1966)

Yesterday I come across a blog what really piss me off. Our Veterans were likened to and berated below septic tank cleaners....a total disgraceful respect to those that lost their lives, were maimed, lost limbs...fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. What goes through the mind of such a person? Hope to hell he reads this.


  1. OMG, how could anybody say something like that? Hope they read ur blog too.
    I've seen an ad on blogger, where u can make a book of ur blogs. That's what i'm gonna do. They are a daily log of ur life.

  2. Maybe a link to that blog you read should be posted on yours, (Yesterday I come across a blog what really piss me off.) so your followers could post their feelings in their comments.
    I would,

  3. I think I read the same blog, it compared early Veterans of Vietnam to the people who were in the military in early 70's got a great pension, never served in Vietnam, went on to good jobs...Vietnam Vets got a lot of crap for sure but the whole article was so negative I left a comment to tell that fellow he was wrong..My brother in law still has horrible ptsd, the VA screwed him bad until we contacted the governor of the state he lives in and Patty Murray of washington state and Maria Cantwell, they got him some justice, just about 30 years to late, he is older now, lost his significant other (never married) and still has to take a bagillion medical pills to even work and live, it was terrible, my husbands youngest brother to boot, he is okay somewhat now, his living has been terrible with that dagged nabit ptsd..still he thinks he is in the war, he cannot go to many places with many people, he works each day and that is that, he lives with another person but the fellow is never there, he likes peace and quiet but yearns for another woman in his life, he doesn't go out to meet any ladies, don't see anything happening..The Vietnam war was horrible to many many veterans but to write and bitch about it on veterans day to me was disrespectful, but I bet that fellow never served in the military at all...Keep up a good blog, it is funny, interesting and I get a kick out of your musings..just saying! Happy turkey day early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's hard to believe what some folks will write in a blog or as a comment. They are just damn mean people and want attention, probably because they feel small and insignificant. Glad I didn't read that blog.

  5. Billy Bob,
    THANK YOU for keeping us free.
    From a VETS wife,

  6. Billy Bob I did not know you served in Vietnam. Thank you for your service to our country and for fighting for the freedom we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

    I love your blog you always make me laugh :)