Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love for Texas

Before I get to involved in some off the wall nonsense this morn'n, I want to thank everyone for yesterdays comments. Some gave me reason for thought and others gave me reason to "splain" myself better.

I'm not overly excited in no way about head'n south to Texas, what is actually east, and I'm not at all excited with stay'n in Deming neither. This move has been on the front burner for over two years now and what's cook'n is a combination of likes and dislikes. Granted, I love the desert and what it offers in beauty and seclusion from the masses (big cities). But I love Texas too. I may not be a native Texan, born an' raised there, but when almost half your life is spent in a glorious state like Texas, you is a Texan. Some may disagree, but ...."bite me"!!!

When ya live in a motorhome full time, or any rv far as that go,  that is your home. Where ever you park, you are home. Well maybe not a Walmart parking lot. But then ya get older an' traveled out. Ya get to think'n. Think'n can be a dangerous proposition ya know. My thoughts are "where do ya want to be when ya can't do this no more"? Texas comes to mind.

In 1987 when I crossed the border of Texas from that God awful West Va., I stopped my old VW bus, kissed the ground and vowed to never leave again. Yes damn it, I did a lip lock with Texas. That's when 'Norman' got loose an' hid in the bushes. Damn cat. I broke my vow in 2005 even though my mail, "da house" registration, voter registration, driver license, insurance and my "love of Texas" is still in Texas. Now I'm go'n back.

As far as boondocking with solar, I can do that in Texas as well as anywhere else. Granted, there is no BLM public lands in Texas to boondock on for free, but I had never intended to boondock year round when I first installed solar. Solar works anywhere there is sunshine. Free camping is anywhere you happen to find it.....not only desert. Solar just broadens your camping abilities.

I know somebody gonna ask me "Who's Norman". While I was in W.Va., I fount this big black cat lay'n upside down on his back, fight'n for his life, while another cat was steady whoop'n up on him good. Norman had no defense, some sorry cruel human had had him declawed. Rip his claws out with a pair of channel locks. So old Billy Bob pick him up an' take him home right now.....just like that. Doctor him up an' feed him pork chops an' stuff. Norman turned out to be one of the most loving cats I ever see. He would hug ya just like a little child would do. Wrap both arms round my neck an' lay his head on my shoulder. In Texas Norman took to his new home with gusto. He were a happy cat. In the mean time, I had leased a small apartment complex of 8 units. Rented apartment 'A' to a Chinese couple. Norman come up miss'n a month later, never to be seen again.....pooof, gone, just like that. Bastards ate my cat, but I couldn't prove it.

Talk to old "pesky" the other day. They had to work on him all night long for low blood pressure. He has come to the realization that he may not be coming home again. But on the brighter side, he challenged me to a round of golf next year when I come to visit.


  1. Even tho my furniture paid for it, i would NEVER declaw a cat. And, thru the years had some just disappear, like urs. Would look for them, for years.
    Hey, cmon home,, will sure be welcome back to TEXAS. lol. Lots of sun, for solar.

  2. I am still running my panels just like when we were in San Pedro campground outside of Del Rio. There has been enough sun that my batts are charged by noon every day.

  3. Yeah, like trouble says. And why don't you like West Virginia? I think the mountains and the music are both beautiful.

  4. I love WVa as well, except for the logging trucks back in the mountains - what's left of them after the coal companies have blown off the tops of them.

  5. Yeah Trouble, declawed cats have no defense against even little meeses.

    Barney, Even with the new solar panels I still have a problem somewheres. Probably fried my barreries or there's a circuit I haven't found eat'n up watts.

    Dizzy....5 months of sub '0' temps.

  6. Oh, OK. Forgot about the cold. I lived the first 35 or so years of my life in Western Pennsylvania. But now I only go back that way in the warm part of the year.

  7. I know it must have been a hard decision to make. Glad you chose to move back to Texas.

    You have a big heart taking in Norman and protecting him. I will never understand why people declaw cats :(