Sunday, November 6, 2011

"pesky neighbor" Wayne

As you may have notice in one my previous posts, Wayne's oxygen level had dropped to dangerous levels. This morning he is back in the hospital with breathing issues, low oxygen level and low blood pressure. Will update his condition as I receive further news. No visitation allowed at this time.

It was cold again this morning, but less the howling winds of yesterday. Now I ain't one to be caught complain'n bout nuttin, but....damn, winter sucks. I suppose that if there was no winter, the Mississippi river would eventually dry up, the Gulf of Mexico would become so saline all the delicious little shrimps would die, humanity would cease to exist due to dehydration an' starvation and this world would  revert back to the land of dinosaurs. That could happen ya know.

I done come to the conclusion that....people are different. No, not talk'n bout different from other species of living flesh, but different from one another humans. Our likes an' dislikes are different. Our ways of life are different. We don't see eye to eye on stuff. We are all unique in our own way and the things we do fits our personal uniqueness. Ya get'n the picture yet? My xxwife used to get all in a wad 'cause I didn't like the same things she did. Or I didn't do the things she suggested....or demanded. Then she wouldn't talk to me for a week....thank God. I've found that to be the case in my entire life, people try'n to impose their way of life on mine. I'll admit that I'm just a little bit "redneck" in many ways, but I like my life as it is, do'n what I like when I like, with out changing into someone I ain't gonna like. I done try that a few times an' weren't happy.

I were read'n a blog yesterday bout introverts and extroverts. Never know what they was till I read this guys blog. I rekon I must be a extrovert since I got to be around people to be happy. And I got to have a dawg for company and companionship. Now there was a time when I didn't like people....but I liked dawgs. I could go up to the mountains and camp out for weeks and never give a thought to what's go'n on in town. I were by myself....'cept'n for my dawg. I weren't lonely an' never bored. I rekon I was an introvert. Is one better than the other? Hell, I don't know.

Relat'n to the two items above, I am back at odds as to "winter destination". Everything has been weighed and "da slabs" seems the better choice of the two possibilities. Although I do love south Texas, being from there. Yeah I'm a freak'n Texan liv'n in New Mexico and go'n to California for the winter. Well, last night I were think'n bout all them fishes in south Texas say'n..."Billy Bob, cast over here". Then I got to remember'n bout all them cold northers what cut through me like a knife an' them cold ass blow'n winds....rain an' stuff what happen every year. "Damn Billy Bob, make up yer mind".

Ok....who the hell is butterbean and Sue? Have ya ever read a comment and it sticks with ya? Make ya think...."who the hell is this"? I been try'n to put 2+2 together try'n to figger out who "butterbean" may be an' comes up with a 3. It seem he know me or he wouldn't have challenged me to a game of pool in Rockport. I thought about rvsue here in New Mexico, but give up that notion. Thought bout my nephew Joseph, but he don't know how to spell butterbean. Who the hell is butterbean an' Sue??? This is fun ya know.

I got this piece of wood. It all dirty an' gray color....just a old root I pick up somewheres.

I done this before, strip off the outer skin and reveal the beauty of that piece of wood what lays below. Been gonna work on this for two year now but ain't never got to it.....'cause it were lost. Fount it up under a seat with a bunch of other crap.....what was lost too. Not say'n how long it gonna take to get started skinn'n this prize, but stay tuned. Ya may have to remind me.


  1. As others have said, I think the reference to Sue is to RVSue and her dogs. She is a new RV'r according to her blog, sold her house this summer and got a Casita and her and the dogs are now in New Mexico. Seems to be good folks from what I can tell from her blog. http://rvsueandcrew.wordpress.com

    The word thingy down there is 'ingting' and I ain't 'inting' at nothin'.

  2. Ya may be right bout reference to RVSue, but who is butterbean? I got deetektives look'n into this an' we know he is from south Texas...no doubts bout that. Whether he know me is another story, but it sound like maybe he do. This puzzle will be solved if'n I got to get the CIA, FBI an' Homeland Security in on it.

  3. Did u read him, on my blog yesterday? Didn't he say he was 76, having just had a BD too? Does that help? You'll wake up in the middle of the nite, and KNOW. Has he ever posted on ur blog? He reads it, how he found me.

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  6. That pic of you and Wayne was on a great day wasn't it. That day of golf in Silver City was great fun and the memory will be with me a long time.

  7. Yeah Barney, we had a great day the three of us. Memories last a long time....some forever. Hope that some day we can all get together again and make another memory.

  8. Hello, Billy Bob!

    I'm Sue! I don't know if I'm the Sue you're wondering about . . . Your blog is great. Makes me laugh. Hope to meet you someday!

  9. Welcome Sue....I don't know WHAT Sue I'm wonder'n bout. I'm as confused as everyone else.

    Meeting is only bout a hunnert mile away. I always say a hunnert mile no matter how far it is. I'm in Deming till the end of the month. That bout a hunnert mile ain't it???

  10. Hey BillyBob... Seann and ChiliBob are already at the Slabs... and Rich & Mary are soon on their way. Wish we could be there, even for a couple weeks. Ya never know? Need about 5K and 2 mo of vacation time off work and be able to come-------

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard