Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not sure...

Nope, don't know if I wanna do it. Make a blog post is what I'm talk'n bout. I look over there on the right at the blogs I follow an' some ain't made a post in a hunnert year. Then I looks at my followers list an' I ain't see some of them in a hunnert year too. What I'm say'n is I miss these people. They are an inspiration to my ability to write a bunch of nonsense.

So, no nonsense today. I'm gonna be serious as a rock. Write something that can't be construed as fiction.
One hour later:
Well that didn't work, so I gonna dig up some more nonsense. Let me see....did I ever tell ya bout the time??? No, that ain't gonna work either....done tole that story a hunnert time.
Ya see, here what's happen'n, I'm runn'n slap out of stories. That what happen when ya live a bor'n life....sit'n on "da porch", sip'n a cup an' think'n....what I been do'n the last couple year. Maybe I better take a trip to town. Go to Walmart....something exciting always happen'n there....right!!!

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob is get'n pissed. All them flies ..... crawl up my nose an' stuff like that when I'm napp'n. Damn!!!

Ok....off to town. May or may not ever come back.

I'm back....ain't nuttin happen. Well ya there was. Went by the upholstery shop and look at the material for my couch. Damn....is that what I ordered?  Better take ma a before pic before I forget. 
See, I tole you it needed recovered. But where the hell the guy what gonna take the couch with him? Done past 1:30 an' that when he was supposed to be here with his helper an' a chain saw.

20 minutes later......all gone.
Now where the hell is old Billy Bob gonna take a nap??? I don't sleep on no stink'n floor ya know.


  1. Gosh BB that's what i think every day!! And that's what i'm writing,,nothing. Know what u mean about followers, and blogs i follow, some have just vanished!!
    Gotta do that Walmart trip myself, within the next few days.
    Time for you to get to moving on down tha road, know that's exciting, seeing what comes next. Gooo, boy, goooo.

  2. Is that a USA flag mushed up in the floor? :(

  3. I seldom leave comments, but I read your blog nearly every day. Keep 'em coming Billy Bob.

  4. Dang, maybe I ought to comment a couple of times a day to keep you happy and blogging. DO NOT EVER QUIT!! We love you and your stories, real or not.

  5. Anony, yes that is a flag lay'n there. There used to be one at each end of the couch under the wall lights....then one came up missing. It had fallen down behind the couch and with all my can goods stored under there in containers, it could not be seen. There's firecrackers on the other end, and a old tv flipit what's been miss'n for a couple years, a mouse trap, a pac of sew machine needles, $1.37 in loose change and a pork chop bone.

  6. Thanks Anne for tak'n time to leave a comment. It's like a 500mg aspirin for a split'n headache.

  7. No NO NO Dizzy, I ain't gonna quit.
    I were just wonder'n where everybody has gone. It's not only on the blogs, but on the Yahoo groups as well.
    With all my stories been told a dozen times, it's hard to come up with something new. Get where I'm com'n from???

  8. Hey BB i see were you store all of your valuable. my closet looks the same way, with all the stuff i can not part with.BB Dizzy said it best don't ever quite posting your blog I read it ever day. I do not leave a comment ever time becasue i'm infected with a bad disease "laziness".

  9. BB I've been following you for more than 2 years and enjoy your stories. Get concerned when you don't post for a day or two.