Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter blues

I get them winter blues every year as soon as the temps drop below 55 degs, what in some parts of the country 55 degs. is a spring day. But one more degree under 55 degs, water gonna freeze. I ain't gonna go outside and  sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup when it get this cold. You gonna find old Billy Bob sit' inside where it warm. I ain't stupit ya know.

Deming has felt the first winter freezes for the last few days. It's been get'n into the upper 20's come bout daylight. And I still have 3 weeks till departure. Or something like that. Gonna take a week to ten days to get my couch back.....and then, I got a yard full of stuff to pick up what I throwed off the roof from the solar panel installation. Table saw, chain saw, 2x4's, sledge hammers....stuff like that. Still have some storage bins to go through......dumpster bout another hunnert pound of junk. Neighbor just wait'n for me to hit the "tool shed" (compartment). He know I gonna be toss'n stuff.

Oh Boy Howdy....let me tell ya......got that 500 watt sound system all hook up. YES!!!! That what I'm talk'n bout. Shake some winders. In order to shake the winders on my neighbors house I got to crank it up full bore. At half throttle it shake my winders just fine....vibrate stuff. Now I got to go out and buy me some them "rap" cd's......lol, that's funny, Billy Bob listen to rap....right!


  1. When u shake ur neighbor's winders,,be sure it's loud enough not to hear him yelling at u. When u see his mouth working,,crank it UP!

  2. Iffn you wuz my neighbor, I'da kick yer keester!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Billy Bob's going to play rap CD's? I think you should crank up a few Lawrence Welk tunes.

  4. What? You going through your second childhood? Rap? Can't be, I must be hearing things. OH that's right, you got it turned up to loud to hear anything. . .