Sunday, November 27, 2011

24 hour countdown

Boy howdy, here it is what looks like a beautiful day. Sunshine bear'n down, temp go'n up and no wind at all. This would be a great day for travel. But it ain't gonna happen today. What can be done tomorrow can be put off today.

Let  me tell ya bout cold. I were sit'n there on the couch last night an' I were cold all over. Was only down to 34 degs outside, but even with two heaters on full bore, it was cold inside. Or I thought it was. Then when I got up this morn'n to 24 degs outside, the inside was nice and cozy. Now how comes???

Did you see......they was expect'n a freeze in Del Rio this morn'n? What the hell? That where I go'n. Planned to stay there a few days. Play in the water. Catch me up some fish an' stuff. Take MsB to Taco Bell for a full course Mexican dinner. Gonna have to do some investigating bout this weather situation on my way to south Texas. Dang!!!

When I get into Texas bout 200 mile or so, I'm gonna be losing my internet connection. We already know it don't work in Del Rio and for a hunnert mile in every direction. So it look like old Billy Bob's Place is gonna be shut down for a few days. At Judge Roy Beans place (Langtry, Texas) I can get on WIFI, but after that, I'm screwed for internet until I get closer to San Antone. What the hell am I gonna do with no internet? Scary thought.

Ain't nuttin to do today other than lay back an' wait for tomorrow. Fill the fresh water tank with some this good water, drain the black water tank an' hook up "that jeep". That bout it. Gonna give my neighbors my Port Aransas address so's they can watch my mail to send to me. Pay the "old man" for this months electric. Then I'm out of here. Texas bound....Yee Ha....y'all.

Well old Billy Bob couldn't wait till tomorrow. May as well do today what ya was gonna do tomorrow. I'm out of here in just a few minutes. Well more like 30. Should arrive my sleep'n an' camp'n spot right bout 7 or 8pm....just other side of Van Horn at the Texas Rest and Rv Resort on Interstate 10.
See ya down the road a piece.

Boy howdy is Billy Bob mak'n time or what. I'm 50 miles into Texas an' ain't been slow down for nuttin. Shoot right through El Paso at 60 mile a hour. Bout 95 miles to the next destination....Van Horn. Hope I can sneak in and out there with out go'n to jail.
Here what I'm think'n. I'll sleep on the side the road tonight an' get up bright and early tomorrow and head down the road to Judge Roy Beans Place. Ain't go'n through Sanderson, so get that out your mind. I'll continue on I-10 to Ft. Stockton an' then head south to highway 90. Does that make sense? It do to me 'cause I'm look'n at the map.

WHAT???? No Taco Bell in Del Rio???  That be OK, I know a good little eat'em up right up the street from Walmart. Ask Barney, good food. Since there is no way to communicate when I lose my internet signal, I'll just say I'll be in Del Rio sometime tuesday and be hungry on wednesday. Cain't hardly miss that way.

Yeah, where the hell is Butterbean? He may be hang'n out with an old buddy mine name of "Cornbread". I know where Sue is at. She back there in New Mexico get'n a brand spank'n new solar panel.....and freez'n her tail off.

Ok....got things to do.....see ya down the road a piece.


  1. Tomorrow's THE day, huh? Good for you. Will sure miss you.
    Lol,,on the freeze down there. Might do it here, tonite, too. You gotta know,,,it's just Tx weather.
    What about that blue eyed cat?

  2. Texas is looking forward to you, BB.
    -- Jool

  3. From my point of view you are in pretty good shape if you can drive after dark. Have a good trip,

  4. Hey Billy Bob will be waiting for you but just had to let you know we don't have a Taco Bell in Del Rio...you will have to think of another place.

    The wind is blowing something terrible. There is another blog I follow and the guy is hunting in Sanderson and he says he had never seen it this bad. Be careful.

  5. Drive at night Gypsy? I sure hope I don't have to 'cause I cain't see squat after the sun go down.

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement....Yee Haaa....Texas, y'all!!

  6. Yep right across the street from Whataburger in Del Rio. Named El Paleneek or something like that. Wish there was something that good here in Rockport.

  7. Hey, Billy Bob!

    You're smart to get on the road today. It's a great day for moving out! I hope you don't run away from this sunshine smack dab into a freeze . . .

    Stay safe, stay well, stay warm!


  8. Too late Sue....it cold in Van Horn....44 degs at 6pm mountain time. But that OK 'cause I ain't gonna be here long.