Monday, November 28, 2011

What??? 24 degs

Boy howdy....it's freak'n cold in Texas. I got up 6am MST an' says..."WHOA"!!! Cranks up the heater, starts the generator for a pot of coffee and finds me a coat.

I were sit'n there last night look'n at my Walmart Rand McNally GPS and says to myself..."hey, you can't get there if'n ya don't go through Sanderson". That's an inside joke that most of ya won't get. Ya see, Sanderson is on US-90 and I'm on I-10. In order to get to Del Rio from I-10 I got to go south to pick up US-90 . And since I posted yesterday that I weren't go'n through Sanderson because I was go'n on to Ft. Stockton before head'n south, well guess what? I'm go'n through Sanderson. DUH!!! Is that clear in everyones mind now?

Yesterday when that big ol' diesel pusher (that's a motorhome with the motor in the back) passed me do'n a hunnert mile a hour, I thought, "what's his hurry"? I ain't jok'n, he was over the speed limit of 80 mile a hour by at least 10. He were smok'n. And that put my mind to think'n. The guy owns a big expensive diesel powered motorhome. He's probably retired. He don't got to go to work tomorrow. What's his hurry? Then I notice there ain't no cars behind me. They all way up the road a piece....do'n a hunnert mile a hour. Speed limits were increased 'cause everybody was driv'n 10 mile a hour over the the old speed limit. Now they driv'n 10 mile a hour over the new speed limits. Does that make sense? What's the damn hurry???

Well it's about that time. Put some miles behind me. If'n my calculation is right, I should arrive in Langtry (Judge Roy Beans Place) at exactly 3:45 this afternoon. Hope to hell it ain't cold there too.

Well here I am down the road a piece, but had to pull over. Started feel'n a bit dizzy so looked for this wonderful rest area. Will sit here till I feel it's safe to get back on the road. Must'a been something I ate.

Been hav'n a wind for the last 2 hour, but it's been out of the southwest. That's good. Save a little gas and go a hunnert mile a hour with no problem. 60 mile a hour is my limit. Would rather go 55 but "Sally da house" don't like that. She rarin to go.  But 60 is a good safe and enjoyable speed for an old homeless sightseer like me.

Ya don't find a whole lot out here in west Texas to take pics of, unless ya get your nose down close to the ground. So don't expect many or any pics for a while.....I ain't stick'n my nose in no dirt where I might find a "doogie doodle" lay'n there. I learn a long time ago ya don't go barefooted where cats take a poop.  That some nasty stuff com'n up between your toes. You didn't want to hear that did ya??? But that's old Billy Bob.

3:45 MST

Well did I tole ya so or not. Pull into Judge Roy's front yard at exactly 3:40. He were sit'n on "da porch" an's says...."Welcome Billy Bob, been a long time. Pull up a chair an' lets BS a bit. Coffee's on the stove". That old Roy is sumptin else remember me after all this time an' remember my favorite drink. Well, it weren't exactly like that, but I'm here in Lantry, Texas....right on schedule. Hooked up to WIFI....don't know if I have a Verizon signal. Ain't tried it.

Damn it hot. Must be bout 80 something out there. Hit a bunch of wind headed south. Hit me right in the nose. For those what ain't never see a motorhome before, their nose look like one then peekanese dogs....flat face and go'n against the wind with a flat face is like swim'n against the flow of the Mississippi River. Or something like that. It's hard, that all I know.


  1. It was 30 degrees at my place this morning but will be in the 60's today and around 70 tomorrow. I found out that if I drive my RV at 55 to 60 mph I get a lot better gas mileage than at 65 to 70. And like you say, what the heck is the hurry.

  2. 27 here today, but wth, no wind. Feels lots warmer.
    Maybe it will stop all those weeds growing in my yard.
    Del Rio, no Taco Bell? OMG, thot they were everywhere! Even we have one lololol.
    Have a great time,,down there.

  3. Automobile mechanics really love to see the speed limits go up. The faster the idiots drive, the faster they wear out them out and have to get them repaired. Friend of mine says that going from 55 to 70 put his kids through college.

  4. I usually don't drive over 65 unless I'm passing another vehicle, and if the traffic isn't heavy I just let my regular speed take me past them. I prefer driving at 55 though, and the gas mileage is a whole lot better.

  5. Yesterday when you mentioned you did not have to pass through Sanderson I knew you were wrong, but didn't want to say anything...

    It was 32 this morning. Right now it is sunny and a very comfortable 67 with an expected high of 74.

    Sorry about your dizzy spell but glad you stopped to rest. Take your time as you said there is no hurry.

  6. Forgot to mention there are no more winds.

  7. you might want to set your clock to our time zone. CST

  8. Barney, I would do that but with me mak'n predictions of the time I will arrive somewhere, I have an hour to play with to be right on time.

  9. It aint hard for me to imagine you sittin there BS'n with the Judge. Ole Judge Roy Bean and Outlaw Billy Bob... decide'n on who needs hangin. Say hi to Miss Lily for me, and when ya get to Del Rio, MsB too.