Friday, November 4, 2011

Better late than never....

Well shoot, I were think'n this morning that I need to post something. But there was nuttin to write about. Didn't do a damn thing yesterday and today was no different. So what do ya write about??

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne had a bout with his oxygen level last night. Was down to 74. Just 2 days ago it was 94 to 96. Off to the doctor he went and they gonna put him back on oxygen again. Sure am glad his shoes don't fit me.

Called the upholstery guy this morn'n chack'n to see if'n he split the country with the deposit money I gave him. Nope, he still around, but gave me some off the wall sob story bout why the material ain't arrived yet.  Something bout his grandmama died, his cousin Raymundo Gonzales was sick and his truck was in the shop. Ok....that sounds logical....I think.

Received a much anticipated email from Amazon that my 500 watt sound system has been shipped. Boy howdy can hardly wait. Shake some winders an' piss off the neighbors.......yeah!!! In case ya ain't seen what I got com'n by UPS, here is a pic....again.
The last system I had of this caliber was a 400 watt system what I blow slap up.....big ol' smoke cloud come out that thing, scare hell out me. Don't get me wrong now. It ain't like I'm skeered of smoke or nuttin like that, but this thing was on fire, mak'n all kind "crackle" sounds and stuff. Turn off a circuit breaker all by it self.

There's a story I would like to tell ya, but don't know if it's appropriate or not. Oh hell....why not? There was this lady....dare I say lady, what moved in the park. Feeled sorry for her husband. They got throwed out the last park they was in for attempt'n to take over and set park rules for the residents. She were one them anti smoke kind of people....any kind of smoke. Her first ploy was to inform all residents that smoking of any kind would no longer be allowed. HUH??? Not even the park owner dare tell us that.

She caused an old 86 year old man, what could hardly walk, to be kicked out of the park for burning weeds and such in a burn barrel. That what they for ya know. Said the smoke make her sick an' stay awake at night. She kept after that old man till he almost had a seizure....or something like that. Turn a water hose on him one time he light up his pipe. He finally moved after a couple months of her harassment. Sad to say, but I think he's dead now.

Then she start up on old Billy Bob, wrong move, complain'n that his bbq'n had to cease because of the smoke from my blackened an' charred chicken caused her headaches an' kept her awake at night. Now she start in on the wrong feller when she start in on old Billy Bob. That smoke were no way near her site. It were all on my porch in a big ol' smoke cloud.....flames an' stuff. Take a water hose put it out. Well, after a couple weeks of her complaints, old Billy Bob done had enough of these nonsense daily complaints. Gonna smoke her ass slap out the park.....that what I gonna do. I cuts up some old 2x4's an' every night I throw some in the blaz'n hot grill. When the wind come out the north, that 2x4 smoke go right to her house. If'n there weren't no north wind, I used a big fan. Good thing I weren't cook'n nuttin with them sticks or it would have been burn slap up.  Didn't take long with her complaints to the office staff, what ignored her daily complaints, before they was hook'n it up. Thank God for invent'n 2x4's.


  1. "If no North wind"...."Used a big Fan".....

    That is so so funny !!

    I wonder what makes people like her ? Maybe they don't even like themselves.....they don't seem to change either.

  2. Gee, what park are you at??? Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  3. Andrea, last I hear they were requested to leave 2 more RV park in Deming. LOL....there ain't many left.

    Roadrunner, welcome to Billy Bob's Place.
    This RV park ain't much of a resort type of place. In fact, we sit'n next to the highway out here where the coyotes roam. It's a Mom an' Pop park, buy Mom passed away years ago and Pop is 87 year old....an' senile. Most fun we have out here is sit'n on "da porch" tell'n stories....mostly lies.

  4. Sounds to me like the most fun you have, is running off mouthy women, which i think i might have done a lot sooner.....hahahahaha