Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Git'n tired

Holy craps.....old Billy Bob is get'n wore slap out. Don't know what got into me, but damn!!!
Don't this look a whole lot better than a few days ago? That why old Billy Bob is wore slap out. Still ain't decide what to do with that printer.

Yesterday was spent load'n trash bags with stuff and haul'n them off to the dumpster. Good stuff. Stuff I done bought and pay for with hard earned dollars. No longer will "Sally da house" be haul'n all over the country a couple three hunnert pounds of "stuff". But I ain't done yet. Next is the hallway humongous drawers where I keep stuff what ain't got nowheres else to live. Important stuff....like tape, glue, fuses, light bubs, empty shotgun shells, pieces of used wood, old dirty socks, a few tools (table saw, engine hoist, extension ladder....stuff like that) ......you know what I'm talk'n bout....junk. Toss it in a drawer and forget bout it.

Mr. UPS guy come by yesterday afternoon with the new solar panels. Boy howdy is old Billy Bob all excitis. I were so excitis I almost climbed up on the roof last night to remove the old panels. But here come old "pesky neighbor" Wayne and his "mama hen" sit'n on "da porch". Before ya get the idea that Wayne has some crazy woman liv'n with him, this lady live up the street with her husband Mark.

Did ya all see Barney's brand spank'n new boat? You can see it right here....OFM. One fine look'n craft.
Don't that look like he sit'n on a big ol' banana??? Is that a match'n life vest he wear'n.....hmmmmm?

Ok....it get'n late. Gotta take Wayne some stuff, jaw a bit and then climb up there on the roof. Will attempt a photo account of todays project.


  1. Woooo.. brand new empty places to put the next round of junk,,,hahahahaha, but, looks good now.
    Gotta ask, tho, what do u need all that empty space for?

  2. BB, Read carefully that is the old boat of three years ago. The new Mini-X boat is mango.

  3. Hey Barney, ole Billy-Bob worked too hard and is just to tuckered out to read every word. Yes BB, you do need some space to pick up some more "got to have" junk. Right?